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04/21/19 06:04 PM
Hosanna to the Son of David!

Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord!

(from the other side of the Bosporus where liturgical time moves more slowly this year)
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The Kliros
04/19/19 04:07 PM
As promised, one more gem from the 1878 book by Fr. Osgood Fuller The Life of Christ in Song: Advent and Christmas Time

The words lay nearly perfectly with the Byzantine Tone 3 melody used for the Third Stasis of the Lamentations.

Easter Even
Fr. Osgood Fuller 1878

Oh the mourning for the fair!
Oh the sorrow and despair!
Resting, resting, everywhere.

On the face of man and beast
In the west and in the east;
From the greatest to the least:

On angelic countenance,
Where the shadows’s swift advance
Veils ethereal radiance;

On whate’er we can rehearse
Of the better or the worse
In the boundless universe.

Oh the wonders and the signs!
Lo! The sun no longer shines
When the Christ His life resigns.

And the darkness over all,
Gathered as a mourning pall,
Deepest in the heart doth fall--

In the hearts of us His choice,
Where His all-controlling voice
Was the signal to rejoice.

Dead! dead! O Eternal One!
Why forsaken was Thy Son?
Why that deed of horror done?

Ever strong to save from harm,
Where was Thine almighty arm
In that day of dread alarm?

Oh the prison of the tomb!
Oh the low and silent room!
Oh the mystery and gloom!

With the Master gone the hope
With the enemy to cope,
And we in the midnight grope.

With the sweet, inspiring grace
Of a more than human face,
Banished thought of nobler place.

Perished Israel’s strength and stay,
And the dream of that bright day
Which should take our shame away.

In the ashes doth expire
That celestial, holy fire
Which did flame in Judah’s lyre:

And the prophet tongue of might,
Which was fearless for the right;
Silent, silent is as night.

God who once His arm made bare,
In the hour of our despair
Hath withdrawn His loving care;

And destruction looketh down
With a sad and sullen frown,
On a soiled and trampled crown.

Oh the mourning for the fair!
Oh the shadows everywhere!
Oh the burden of despair!

In the country of our birth
Nothing now remains of worth--
Hide us, Oh thou Mother Earth!

Hide us from the scorner’s scorn,
In the night that knows no morn
Make us as if never born!


One swift year has passed away
Since the dark despairing day
In the tomb the Master lay.

Fools were we, and slow of heart;
God from man doth stand apart
When He would great truths impart.

Out of darkness bring He light,
Out of weakness cometh might,
Out of sorrow spring delight.

From the prison of the tomb
Cometh life, as from the womb,
And we dread no more its gloom.

Christ the Lord, who as to-day,
In the gloom and darkness lay,
As to-morrow, took His way.

In among the ranks of men,
And we say the mortal ken
Him who with us once had been:

And the brightness of His face
Beaming with immortal grace,
All our sorrows did efface.

Oh the glory of the Cross!
Gold is that we reckoned dross,
Gain is that we counted loss.

Now the kingdom of our sires,
Built on holiest desires,
Lighted with undying fires,
To a sovereign place aspires.

And with Christ upon its throne,
All its glories shall be known
Till the world its sway shall own.

‘Thus He turnest wrath to praise
And the mourners’ hearts doth raise
And appoint them joyful days.

By a way we do not know
Both he lead us here below,
And His wondrous treasures show.

True and everlasting Guide,
For His own He doth provide,
And the deepest gloom divide.

Leading on the way He went
Till our lives on earth are spent,
And we pass the firmament.

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Faith & Theology
04/19/19 01:01 PM
Agree that this is a good question for your pastor.

Generally speaking, though, the Lord does not expect us to do things we cannot do.

I'd recommend setting aside at least a few minutes of dedicated time for prayer - even if it's just 15 minutes. And if you have no Bible or prayer book with you, just pray the Jesus Prayer.

LOL - I remember the story of the young woman with 5 children asking her pastor how long she should set aside for prayer each day. The priest looked over her 5 rambunctious children and responded "Five minutes".
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04/19/19 12:47 PM
Lord Jesus Christ,
Son of the Living God,
we pray you to set your passion, cross, and death
between your judgment and our souls,
now and in the hour of our death.
Give mercy and grace to the living;
pardon and rest to the dead;
to your holy Church peace and concord;
and to us sinners everlasting life and glory;
for with the Father and the Holy Spirit
you live and reign,
one God, now and forever,
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Faith & Theology
04/15/19 05:56 PM
Andy Makar:

Christ is in our midst!!

I still don't think that making a woman a cardinal would make any difference. Look at the threads--the title is merely honorary; has no authority behind it. Why would anyone accept a sinecure title just to say one had it?

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Eparchial & Parish Events
04/15/19 02:23 PM
Father Evancho and Father Nebesnyk will be celebrating Divine Liturgy on Holy Saturday April 20,2019 at 3 PM.

The service will be held at St Mark's RC Church 7081 SE HWY 42.

St Mark's is located North West of the Villages. It is real close. They will be blessing Easter Baskets.

Hope there will be a large turnout.
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04/14/19 06:16 PM
Gospodi Pomilui!
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Church News
04/11/19 11:55 PM
I did find this a very interesting article, and inspiring story of faith unafraid. But, would someone please tell me why the Ruthenian and UG Catholics can't be a united sui iuris church in this country? I'm a non ethnic transplant from the OCA, so perhaps I just don't understand.
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Old-Ritualists Forum
04/11/19 05:43 PM
this is how to pray the Lestovka i have found the info on the Russian internet and want to share it with you.

first three and last three steps: Alleluia Alleluia glory to thee God x3 (prostration)

the empty space after the first three and last three steps: Lord have mercy! (bow)

the steps: Lord Jesus Christ son of God have mercy on me a sinner!

1st big step: remember me Lord when you enter into your kingdom (prostration)

2nd big step; remember me vladyko when you enter into your kingdom (prostration)

3rd big step: remember me Holy One when you enter into your kingdom (prostration)

at the end of the Lestovka after all other prayers have been said

God be merciful to me a sinner! (bow)

you created me Lord have mercy on me! (bow)

it is impossible to count my sins but have mercy on me Lord and forgive me a sinner! (bow)
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04/11/19 05:41 PM
Gospodi Pomilui!
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04/10/19 01:03 AM
Prayers continue!
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Town Hall
04/06/19 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by Mockingbird
The following table for 2019 shows how absurd the Julian Paschalion is.

Astronomical full moon 2019: April 19
Gregorian 14 Nisan: April 18
Samaritan 14 Nisan: April 18
Rabbinic 14 Nisan: April 19
Julian 14 Nisan: April 23

All these values agree to within a day except for the Julian value. This Astronomical full moon in April, however, is not the Astronomical vernal full moon which occurred (Jerusalem) 21-MAR-2019. This is an example where the modern scientific calculation is at odds with traditional methods. Except for the Julian, the traditional methods in this example are legitimate predictors, as is the astronomical, when each is evaluated according to its methodology and actual correspondence with sun and moon events.

This year, 2019, is also the one and only year where the Gregorian and astronomical disagree in the 25 example-years (see table) compared in the WCC-Aleppo document Towards a Common Date for Easter. Entries in the right-most column are the 17 in 25 years where the Julian does not agree with the Astronomical and Gregorian.
[Linked Image] (source)

Of special note is 2013 where Julian Easter was 5-MAY missing not only the actual 31-MAR date based on the 27-MAR full moon, but also not getting the Sunday 21-APR-2013 date following the 19-APR-2013 full moon, thereby missing, by an additional 2 weeks, a second chance to get something right. This Julian approach that has lost all factual correspondence with nature and thus the Scriptural events of Passover and Passion, and the rule accepted as evolving from the first council of Nicaea, is the one being considered by Pope Francis since at least 2015. This Julian paschalion is to be used, I presume, with a fixed civil (i.e. Gregorian) calendar thus also ensuring the debacle encountered with the same approach using the Orthodox Revised Julian Calendar.

This " brilliant solution" when realized permits the Orthodox "Historian Pavel Kuznekov" to conclude that "Catholics of the Holy Land changed directly over to our Orthodox Paschalia, returning to the tradition they had departed from in the sixteenth century—admitting by this that the main task in creating the Gregorian calendar is recognized as not having been satisfactorily completed." (link).

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Icons & Iconography
04/06/19 04:38 PM
I thought some may find this video interesting. It goes through the liturgical lections in the Gospel of Matthew, with annotations, while showing icons where possible. The Syriac Maronite icons, among others, were produced in Cyprus. They show the Syriac images, but using a style inspired by Byzantinian iconography.

The traditional Syriac Maronite Gospel was originally divided up into lections, as opposed to today's style of chapter and verse.

The lections and icons start at about 2:13

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Food - Recipes
04/06/19 04:13 PM
Originally Posted by renee harris
Thank you for answering. How should I handle this? Approach Father?

By all means....approach him with a spirit of humility and be non-accusatory.

You are speaking out of love for the Mysteries of Christ; and out of concern for the spiritual and physical health of your brothers and sisters in Christ Let the love of Christ fill your speech.
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Town Hall
04/05/19 05:46 PM
Christ is in our midst!!

May your sojourn here be fruitful and grace-filled.

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04/04/19 01:12 PM
I have successfully passed the oral defense of my Ph.D dissertation in Syriac! Some minor clean up before final deposit is all that remains of a long journey.
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Town Hall
04/03/19 08:01 PM
I pray the Lord will bestow the full bounty of His generous gifts upon that priest, and upon all priests like him.

Many Years!
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Town Hall
04/03/19 07:43 PM
Our Lady of Kazan was closed in 1974. I read of Fr. Alexei serving somewhere in Massachusetts later on. I thought it might have been South Hadley.
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Church News
04/01/19 10:51 PM
Wonderful news!

Here's a webpage from years back promoting the canonization of these holy martyrs: Link.

The itinerary for His Holiness' visit to Romania has been released:Link.


Sunday 2 June 2019: DIVINE LITURGY with the Beatification of 7 Greek-Catholic Martyr bishops in the Field of Liberty in Blaj

Holy New Greek Catholic Martyrs of Romania, pray unto God for us!
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Food - Recipes
04/01/19 02:28 AM
Another cheap and easy recipe: "Chowderless" clam soup.

1 can of chopped clams, not drained.
1 can of corn, partially drained.
1 can of diced potatoes, drained.

Combine, heat, and eat.
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Church News
03/29/19 10:58 PM
We should all look so good! What is more, the presentation was most erudite, interesting and sapiential. Thank you,, Doctor.
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Faith & Theology
03/29/19 05:58 PM
Don't know how to say it better than that. Perhaps old age has caught me up, don't know.
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The Christian East & West
03/27/19 03:25 AM
Just a further comment. The Blessed New Hieromartyr Basil (Velichkovsky) of the Redemptorists, as we glean from his biography, implemented the practice of admitting all the local Orthodox saints for veneration in any Orthodox parish in western Ukraine that decided to come into union with Rome. This was for local veneration in the Ukrainian Catholic Church, of course. The Russian Catholic Orthodox Church (sic) kept all of their saints from their Orthodox heritage. Rome would sometimes admit Orthodox saints glorified by the Orthodox Churches alone into the Roman calendar such as St Sergius of Radonezh. The veneration of St Seraphim of Sarov, glorified in 1903 I believer, is quite popular in RC circles as well as EC ones. The New Martyrs of Libya, beheaded by ISIS were Copts (except for one of them who, when asked what his faith was, pointed to the headless corpses of the martyrs and bravely said, "What they believed, I believe" and joined them in a baptism of blood and heavenly glory). and they were glorified as saints by the Patriarchate of Alexandria one week later. Their icon is very popular as is their veneration and even the RC Archbishop of New York, as I saw in one photo, lifted a copy of that icon up in front of St Patrick's Cathedral.

I believe that when we venerate one another's saints we will do much to hasten the day for the unity of the Church for which our Lord prayed!
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03/27/19 03:13 AM
It shocked me because I was watching the televised Mass live when it happened. I thought that fellow going up to the altar was part of the ceremony . . . The priest saying the Mass moved away from him abruptly and then that fellow lunged at him, taking him down to the floor and quickly stabbing the priest. CNN did actually report it. Prayers for Father's recovery! And St Joseph is the patron of Canada, along with St Anne and the North American Jesuit Martyrs, John de Brebeuf, Isaac Jogues and their companions.
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Faith & Theology
03/26/19 02:52 PM
Dear Father Deacon,

In your response to the Moderator above, you said that his words reflect his bias. Now, who are those who do not have a bias? When do we not reflect our own biases? How is that even possible?

I don't envy the job of a Moderator, especially on a forum such as the Byzantine Forum. Years back (and please, I'm also not going to return to that old email exchange), the Administrator said he was thinking about approaching me to be a moderator. I would have turned the offer down had it been made. It is a thankless job at best.

Personally, I don't believe it sets a good precedent at all to critique Moderator's rulings or to presume to teach a Moderator how to do his job or why his or her ruling isn't the best it could be. I just don't. Bob Is just trying to do the impossible job and what we both should take from what he said was that stuff he mentioned about our Saviour. I don't remember what it was exactly he said but I do remember it was pretty darn good.
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