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Faith & Theology
Yesterday at 07:53 PM
Originally Posted by Gueranger
Originally Posted by ajk

The likeness is given back to us in baptism, putting-on Christ [Χριστὸν ἐνεδύσασθε (Gal 3:27)] who saves us, so that it can ever grow to its perfection, the union with God, theosis, deification, becoming through grace what God is by nature.

From an Eastern perspective, is recovery of that likeness or the beginning of deification possible for those who die without baptism? What is the state of a baby that dies unbaptized? Or is that simply a mystery, beyond our knowledge?

CCC 1257 The Lord himself affirms that Baptism is necessary for salvation.60 He also commands his disciples to proclaim the Gospel to all nations and to baptize them.61 Baptism is necessary for salvation for those to whom the Gospel has been proclaimed and who have had the possibility of asking for this sacrament.62 The Church does not know of any means other than Baptism that assures entry into eternal beatitude; this is why she takes care not to neglect the mission she has received from the Lord to see that all who can be baptized are "reborn of water and the Spirit." God has bound salvation to the sacrament of Baptism, but he himself is not bound by his sacraments.
[emphasis added]
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Town Hall
Yesterday at 04:43 PM
Certainly, there is an air of mystery in eastern churches that is often not present in some Catholic and Protestant churches. Add to that too many priests/ministers are essentially social workers preaching the politically correct gospel. I have visited churches both RC and Protestant where I believed I was watching a collection of pious do-gooders who believed in nothing timeless and unchanging. It isn't that way everywhere, thank goodness.

I remember there being one Greek Orthodox church in the region some years ago. Now, there are several Orthodox and two Eastern Catholic parishes. Eastern religion fills a need and it is growing in this Protestant area.
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Church News
Yesterday at 01:44 PM
There is no such "joint statement". At most you might say they had a phone conversation. Of course RT are not exactly sticklers for accuracy.
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The Christian East & West
Yesterday at 01:42 PM
Look, it doesn't have to be an argument. If someone can produce an example of a Pascha which was calculated according to this alleged not-on-the-Passover rule, resulting in a different date than simply the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, that would settle the question.
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Scripture and Patristic Writings
04/18/18 07:01 PM
"Now, it is difficult to see the value, the eternal value, when one is immersed in some ongoing pain. And no one seeks out suffering for its own sake. But it is well to remember the Hope that we have in Him when we read St. Paul's line to the Colossians in 1:24."

We must remember what St. James has taught us as well, to consider it joy when we go through trials and tribulations. He teaches us this because we have a tendency to let our feelings dictate our responses. During times as these, we must remember to ask and thank the Holy Spirit for the opportunity to be mistreated as Christ was [and still is]. Sufferings are wonderful opportunities for us to grow in our theosis. Thank you for your post, Theophan.
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Icons & Iconography
04/18/18 03:49 AM
Icon of Saint Perpetua is attached.
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Church News
04/18/18 03:19 AM
I share with allof you the following message I sent my own Melkite patriarch, His Holiness JOSEPH.


Patriarch of Antioch and All the East,
of Alxandria and Jerusalem

Christ is Risen! Master, your blessing.

Your Holiness

As a Melkite Greek-Catholic priest who is the retired dean of Eastern Catholic military chaplains in American and Canadian Forces, as well as chairman of the Committee for Eastern Catholics in the Military Services of the United States and Canada, I respectfully, but strongly, take exception to the recent statement of the patriarchs resident in Syria that condemned the actions of the United States and her allies in our careful and precise attacks on the illegal chemical weapons facilities of tbe Assad regime. For 26 years I have personally witnessed the horrifying tragedy and results of war as a military chaplain. I have also seen military members heroicaly put themselves at serious risk rather than harm the innocent, and I have often knelt beside their bloodied or lifeless bodies and attempted to console their widows. War is horrifying and often indiscriminate, but we do the best we can to protect the innocent even when it means placing ourselves in even more jeopardy - which is probably why I find the patriarchal statement so horrendous and offensive,

Syria is a signatory to the conventions banning the manufacture and use of Chemical weapons. I know for a fact, and from unimpeachable sources with access to the highest levels of military intelligece, that the Assad regime is guilty of everything that they have been accused of regarding chemical weapons.

I can only imagine the difficult situation that you are in and I pray daily for you and for the long suffering people of Syria and the Middle East. However, to describe the precision attacks on these illegal weapons facilities as “brutal aggression” is both mistaken and appalling. This one-sided patriarchal condemnation of the allies could easily be seen as akin to if the bishops of had Germany defended Hitler’s gas chambers.

The patriarchal statement is easily seen as merely giving support to a corrupt dictatorial regime and a “too easy” one-sided condemnation of those who are standing up against Assad’s illegal and immoral actions. In issuing their one sided condemnation, the patriarchs have seriously compromised their own moral authority and createdan ethical and moral dilemna for those American Eastern Catholics who serve in the armed forces of our nation and who through the years, have repeatedly sent money to help alleviate the sufferings of the Syrian people. When you speak we hope to hear the universal apostolic voice of our “Shepherd of Shepherds” serving the whole international communion of the Melkite Church and not a voice justifying the immoral actions of a corrupt dictatorial regime.

I continue to pray for peace and justice in Syria, in Palestine and throughout the Middle East.
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Parish Life & Evangelization
04/17/18 07:11 PM
One of the reasons why Byzantine Churches and her members are declining in numbers is because of a lack of evangelizing. Eastern Christianity is the best kept secret of Christendom. The reason it is a secret is because we do not wish to evangelize, nor do we make any real effort. I was a member of a Ruthenian Byzantine parish a few years back and I mentioned the possibility of rounding some of us up and going throughout the neighborhood and going door-to-door and sharing the Gospel and Jesus, and then having an Inquirer's Evening. You should have seen the reaction! It was as though I had asked to take one of The Doors home with me. Initially, I was upset with this. But I had to take some things into consideration:

1.] One, is I am a revert to the faith. Though I am a Byzantine according to Canon Law [my Father was Byzantine my Mother Roman Catholic], I was raised in the RC Church and then was a Protestant for years. Both Western approaches emphasize the role of the laity. So I ended up being a Eucharistic Minister and starting Men's Bible Studies--which I still do.
2.] Two, as a revert to the Faith, I was ignorant of the roles, or lack of, of the laity in the Eastern Churches.
3.] Our ancestors in the respective Eastern Churches were not really challenged to evangelize the faith as is necessary today. They did not have to;nor they dare not try to. During times when Socialist and Communist regimes were in power, our ancestors practiced their faith privately in underground churches in fear of their lives. Icons, prayer books, etc. had to be hidden from government emissaries. And during times of non-Communist regimes, everyone was a baptized Christian practicing either Orthodoxy or Byzantine Catholicism; everyone knew who Jesus was, no need to tell them. Correction of incorrect behavior would be the type of "evangelizing" engaged most often.
4.] Most parishioners I have personally encountered believe the way a church is to grow is by making sure their children get married and have more children. This will indeed spread the Tradition among family members, but what about neighbors who do not know the love of Jesus??

So I asked the Lord for forgiveness of my harsh judgment and now just pray for our Churches.
So we all need to be evangelized anew. Christians are to be knowing, loving, and serving God by being in communion with Him.
We have become too comfortable in America. We need to be cognizant of the fact that we are not here to live the American Dream; nor to waste excessive time and money on sports and entertainment; nor have a Nationalist attitude; and certainly not seeking a life of comfort. Our loyalty is to the Cross.

I challenge all clergy who may read this post to pray about emphasizing this in their respective Parishes. St. Paul admonishes us in his First Letter to the Corinthians by writing: "Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel" [I Cor. 9:16]. Jesus Himself taught that "Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also confess him before My Father..."[Matthew 10:32]. Powerful words. Public sharing of Jesus is NOT an option.

And I also pray for and challenge all laity who read this post to open up their Bibles. Read it. Pray it. And share Jesus with those you work with, or family members who have left the faith... again, this is not an option.

Christ is Risen!!
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04/17/18 05:06 PM
Please pray for Fr. Andriy Chirovsky of St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Tucson.
He has recently had open heart surgery. Pray for a healthy recovery.

God Bless you all.
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Faith & Theology
04/17/18 12:34 AM
Is this available?
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04/16/18 10:17 PM
Χριστός Ανέστη! Alice, my unworthy prayers are with you!
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04/13/18 03:26 PM
Glory to God!
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04/12/18 03:39 PM
May God forgive their sins.
May God through the prayers of His Holy Mother grant courage to the mourning families. Amen.
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04/10/18 09:17 PM
Welcome back!

May God give you great dynamis for the journey ahead.
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Faith & Theology
04/09/18 05:10 PM
Saint Paisios the Athonite is the recently canonized elder who reposed in the 90's. A number of prophecies have been attributed to him. A particularly popular one in some circles is the one predicting the destruction of Turkey in a war with Russia, with Constantinople being given back to Greece. I think it's highly questionable that St Paisios actually uttered these prophecies. Of course all decent people hope for the end of the racist and inhuman occupation of Palestine but I doubt it will happen this year or the next.
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Town Hall
04/08/18 04:34 AM
Originally Posted by Maronita
Thank you! I feel blessed to be accepted. My pastor tried to discourage me as he feared that it would appear that he was taking members from the Roman Catholic/Latin Rite Church. My persistence over the years convinced him. I thought it was interesting the my transfer took place on St. Patrick's day considering I am of Irish descent.

Sorry it took so long. My priest does not discourage people, they are already discouraged enough. I did not have to request transfer or wait...I married a Maronite (I was a cradle RC).

So glad your safely home now.
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The Christian East & West
04/07/18 07:21 PM
I'm having a bit of a trouble..

I have a devotion to Saint Claudia Procles and Saint Susanna the Myrhhbearer, even though i'm a practicing Roman Catholic.. Both saints are recognize and celebrated Saints by the Eastern Catholic Churches

I plan to introduce them to my country(Philipppines) but the problem is my country men wont accept them as Saints since they are not recognized and celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church...

I know One Saint of either church is A Saint in heaven since we are One Catholic Church.. but how do i convince them that its okay to publicly venerate Claudia and Susanna as Saints as a Roman Catholic...

Hopefully you can help me.... since I think this is one my ways to let my Country know that the Catholic Church is not the Roman One alone but is a much more beautiful and Larger Church

Thank you
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Town Hall
04/07/18 05:16 PM
Welcome, Gueranger, to The Byzantine Forum!

Prayers that the Lord lead you, your wife, and baby into salvation, after a long-life lived in health and happiness.

[As you discern your spiritual path make sure to consult with your wife and your spiritual father.]

Christ is Risen!
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04/07/18 05:14 PM
May Christ, risen from the dead, look after your sister and her child. May the pregnancy be uneventful. May the child be healed though the care of his doctors and live a long and healthy life.

Christ is Risen!
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Church News
04/07/18 05:12 PM
Eternal Memory!

Christ is Risen!
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Vespers, Matins & the Divine Liturgy
04/06/18 07:41 PM
I'm a Latin Mass goer myself, but I have a lot of experience attending a Melkite Divine Liturgy and Russian Orthodox Divine Liturgy. The Divine Liturgy has been in English everywhere I've ever gone, so it's easier to follow without a book than the TLM. I too wished I had a book at first, but after regularly attending Divine Liturgy the prayers and chants became intuitive.
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Town Hall
04/02/18 12:26 AM
Al-Massih qam! + Haqqan Qam!

A week early for me but I need to start practicing the various languages
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Church News
03/31/18 02:08 AM
Originally Posted by Thomas the Seeker
Originally Posted by Irish_Ruthenian
Your prayers for me will be appreciated. I am still fighting bitterness over this incident.

I perceive a tone of frustration mixed with a sense of betrayal rather than true bitterness.

But it is well that you are on guard against bitterness, for that poison is debilitating.

I was thinking again about this incident on the way home tonight from Good Friday Vespers. During the procession around our church, I got to swing the kadillo and couldn't help but think that this would be the closest I ever get to being a deacon. It was a beautiful service tonight. We came out of the church and the sky was clear, stars twinkling, and a full moon. I am happy that I am allowed to still serve the altar of our Lord. As I have said to many priests with whom I have served, it is a privilege and not a right.

You know, if there was one good thing that I took away from all this, it has been learning Matthew 5:44 from the heart. It is easy to hear the words of our Lord when he tells us to forgive others who dump on us, but it is entirely another thing when someone actually does it to you. You will find out real quickly if you have the forgiving heart of Christ or not. And if not, then you have a chance to confess and grow.
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Photo Gallery
03/30/18 07:55 PM
I think this is a great idea! So many Roman Catholics know little or nothing about the Eastern Catholic Churches and about their very beautiful and sacred Liturgies. A portable icon screen would allow R.C.'s to view and participate in the Divine Liturgy.
(Signed): Anaphora, 3/30/2018
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Faith & Theology
03/29/18 05:40 PM
Originally Posted by Deacon John Montalvo
This image contains Cyrillic characters and is in Slavonic
These Cyrillic letters are also abbreviations or contractions -- indicated by the "titla" above the letters -- which can make it even harder to decipher. Here's my attempt:

IC XC Іисус Христос Iesus Christos Jesus Christ [C=s)
ни KA _____ Ni ka Slavonic transliteration of the Greek(νικᾷ) Conquers

This is also what is stamped in the loaf for the Eucharist, the portion removed during the Proskomedia Rite (the Preparation) called the "lamb."

on top of the cross bar
Сынъ Божіи Syne Bozhij Son of God

under the bar far left and right

Царь Tsar King_________ славы slavi of Glory

K копие kopie=spear ________ T трость trost=reed

on the left at the base of the cross
МЛ Место лобное ML mesto lobnoje
Place of the Skull

base at right
РБ рай бысть RB raje byst
becomes Paradise

рай raje means garden but the Greek of the LXX renders the Hebrew גַּן = gan=garden as παράδεισος= paradeisos=Paradise

either side of skull and bones
Г глава G/H hlava or glava Head __________ А Адама Adama of Adam
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