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Church News
2 minutes ago
Vinny Zee:

Christ is in our midst!!

Welcome to the forum. I hope that your membership here will be fruitful for you spiritually.
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Yesterday at 09:30 PM
May the memory of his beautiful soul be eternal!
I remember how inspirational his words were when I heard them on tv as a young teen.
I remember his visit to the Soviet Union to speak upon the invitation of the Patriarch of Moscow to help warm over the hearts of those reared on official atheism with his simple words.
I once read that Billy Graham himself said that he spoke to the masses on a sixth grade level for them to understand the message of God's love and Christ's message in simple terms.
We live in really ugly and hateful times. To me he evokes the tidbits of memories I have of a kinder, gentler, more noble, more civil, more respectful and more God loving and fearing nation, which sadly, seems to exist no more. frown

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The Kliros
Yesterday at 08:28 PM

Christ is in our midst!!

Welcome to the forum. I hope your coming here will be fruitful for you spiritually.

Thank yo for the link.

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Yesterday at 01:41 AM
For all schools, colleges, and universities,
for those who labor and endeavor to learn therein,
that they may be delivered from all fear, danger, and distress,
let us pray to the Lord:

Lord, have mercy.

+ + +

The spring weather in the northeast US has unleashed a tsunami of threats, some credible, some not so much. At least one playoff basketball game has been rescheduled, and at least three students in different midstate Pennsylvania counties have been arrested for making credible terroristic threats.
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Town Hall
02/20/18 11:43 PM
Hi! Does anyone here have service details of the Eastern-Catholic parishes/churches in Constantinople?

I recall at least two:

1) Holy Trinity Greek-Catholic, which was used by the Chaldaeans as of a decade or so ago.
2) Armenian Catholic churches?

An RC friend is visiting and he is interested in the East, and would like to attend mass there.

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Vespers, Matins & the Divine Liturgy
02/20/18 06:35 PM
I don't know of a site that has a full list on a single page, but Orthodox Wiki has a very good article on most liturgical items.
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Town Hall
02/20/18 06:33 PM
Generally speaking, private organizations should have the freedoms to welcome or deny speech by those who come on to their property.

However, when they sign up to accept taxpayer dollars those taxpayer dollars come with the requirement that they treat different viewpoints equally.

I don't know the details of this situation, so can't really comment other than to say that if Columbia University is accepting taxpayer dollars, and has allowed other similar lectures, then they should allow this one.
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Vespers, Matins & the Divine Liturgy
02/20/18 11:33 AM
The point is if the music for "Maronite Wa Habibi" comes from France, then the music for "Syriac - from the liturgical point of view - Wa Habibi" (in Arabic) and "Syriac Kadh Nopheq" (in Aramenan) comes from France via Maronitarum too. Is the music for "Malalayan Sleeba tholinmel thaangi" the ancient music for "Syriac Kadh Nopheq" or not? Can anybody in the forum with knwoledge of the Western Syriac Liturgical tradition tell us about the origical music of "Syriac Kadh Nopheq"?
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Church News
02/19/18 02:46 AM
I've seen this service before and even signed up for it back when you had to pay for it. One challenge I wish I could overcome: how can I learn to chant/sing these prayers? In the West it's usually pretty easy to find a breviary with tones in it. I really prefer to chant this sort of prayer than just read it. Any suggestions?
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Faith & Theology
02/16/18 09:35 PM
She was enrolled in closest ritual church, which would indeed be Russian Catholic.

Not just "Russian Rite," but the Russian Catholic Church, which is in communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

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Town Hall
02/15/18 09:01 PM

To my knowledge there are only two active communities at the extreme southern tip: San Paolo Albanese and San Constantino Albanese, both part of the Eparchy of Lungro.

Previously, the community of Rionero in Vulture was an Arberesh (Italo-Albanian) city, however, the language and Greek Rite are no longer practiced there. If you go, I recommend Casa Brenna where we stayed in 2015. Many of the residents will admit to Arberesh ancestry, including the owner of this small B&B. If you want to hear the language spoken, nearby Barile, Maschito, and Ginestra have maintained it fairly well. We visited all three and spoke with the residents in Albanian. The language in Ripacandida also has significant Arberesh influence along with Greek. Brindisi di Montagna was another Arberesh settlement, near Potenza, which lost its language and Greek Rite services.

The Archbishop of Melfi is the one who ordered suppression of the Greek Rite in these towns and others under his jurisdiction in 1627. This well-known. For example, just across the regional border, in Taranto Province of the Region of Puglia, they've invited the clergy from the Eparchy of Lungro to celebrate the Greek Rite in their main church on their annual patronal feast day.

I lived over there for two years and worshipped and chanted in their churches. Would be happy to share more about the Greek Rite communities and their history in Italia. My paper is also posted on the Saint John Chrysostom Society's website hosted by
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Town Hall
02/15/18 03:26 AM
I have lost my contact information for the couple in Diveyevo (Andrei & Natalia) who make beautiful lestovki. Can any one furnish me their e-mail address?
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02/15/18 01:27 AM
Gospodi pomijoy x 100 x 5
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Parish Life & Evangelization
02/14/18 03:56 AM

Rather than a DL on Sunday evening (which is not part of the tradition, so the pastor may not be comfortable with the notion) maybe you could convince the pastor to celebrate Vespers on Sunday Evenings during the Great Fast which is our tradition.

One of the problems of ministering to college students is just as they began to establish roots in a parish, they leave upon graduation. I’m not saying the Church should not minister to college students, but it does take a special cleric to understand how to meet the spiritual needs of the faithful that are “semi-nomadic”.
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Faith & Theology
02/14/18 03:36 AM
Dear Mamo,

Good afternoon in the other side of the globe!

It is a theological speculation elevated to dogma, a "theologumenon" (theological opinion), based on a reasoning that turns a hypothesis into truth: "If [God] could do it... he did it" The foundation of this argument would be the "exaggeration" of God's grace, which would always be super-abundant, and would always exhaust all possibilities. His author has been the "Doctor Subtilis", Duns Scotus, a medieval theologian from Scholasticism - a very peculiar philosophical-theological stream, as you may know.

The millennial tradition of the undivided Western-Eastern Church (from the first millennium - and even from a big part of the western second millenial tradition) recognizes this possibility as ... mere possibility, mere theological reflection or mere devotional-affective truth of free adherence. In fact, St. Gregory Palamas, the bastion of (Eastern) Orthodoxy, freely defended it, and in a very particular way.

But the assumptions of the idea of ​​the Immaculate Conception seem to carry complicated biases in relation to anthropology and sin (to the themes of freedom and humanity). And the fact that it has been "dogmatized" brings very serious consequences for ecumenical dialogue and any chance of re-union of the Churches.

You can read more about the origin of the dogma in Theology Manuals or Dictionaries, in a more western or more ecumenical view, depending on the book.
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Faith & Theology
02/14/18 03:26 AM

The Eastern Code, CCEO, c. 811.1 states, “From baptism there arises a spiritual relationship between a sponsor and the baptized person and the parents of the same that invalidates marriage.”

So while the relationship according to the Eastern Code is an impediment to marriage, there is, as you note, no such impediment in the Latin Code. Canon 1 of the CCEO is quite clear that “the canons of this Code concern all and only the Eastern Catholic Churches, unless, with regard to relations with the Latin Church, it is expressly established otherwise.” As Latin Catholics, you are subject only to the norms of the Latin Code.

In the Pio-Benedictine Code of 1917, which was abrogated with the promulgation of the Johanno-Pauline Code of 1983, this relationship was an impediment to marriage, but it could be dispensed by the local ordinary. The CCEO also allows this impediment to be dispensed since it is ecclesiastical (man-made) law (CCEO, cc. 795 and 1536).
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02/14/18 12:33 AM
God forgives and I forgive both of you.

Forgive me, a sinner.

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Icons & Iconography
02/07/18 09:01 PM

Christ is in our midst!!

A friend from this forum gave me an icon that was blessed by being placed on the altar during Divine Liturgy at his Ukrainian Orthodox parish. I had other icons blessed by being placed in a special cabinet in the altar for 40 days at both a Greek Orthodox and Syrian/Antiochian Orthodox parish. The practice must vary.

Our former RC priest allowed an icon writer i our parish to place icons in our Reservation Chapel--a small chapel where the tabernacle was kept and in which we could go for private prayer and meditation. He then blessed the new icons after the 40-day period with the Lord.

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Photo Gallery
02/07/18 02:14 AM
I agree with Neil. It allows the congregation to see the Liturgy.
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02/07/18 02:09 AM
Vichnaya Pamyat!
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Scripture and Patristic Writings
02/06/18 03:48 PM
Eternal memory !
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Town Hall
02/06/18 10:16 AM
It is hard to believe, but the Berlin Wall is now gone as long as long as it stood.

"Circle day"- that's how some Germans refer to February 5, 2018.

It's the day when the Wall has been gone for as long as it stood.

DW's Klaus Krämer shares his recollections of Germany's division and reunification.

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Faith & Theology
02/05/18 08:26 PM
Originally Posted by Thomas the Seeker
... a "normal" (not special melody) Tone 3 would be a better fit, having the descending cadences occur on "feast of the Nativity" and "six more weeks", and the very lowest on "full of grey or rain".
Depends on whose Tone 3 or Tone 4 doesn't it?
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Faith & Theology
02/01/18 12:45 AM
I'm certainly not the one to give a full explanation, as I'm kind of hazy myself.

Roughly (*very* roughly), Theophany water is consecrated rather than blessed, with an invocation of the Holy Spirit, which Holy Water does not have.

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The Christian East & West
01/31/18 03:31 PM
In fact, it is worth reading through to page 205, where this issue is discussed further and in some detail, with different positions explained. The change in the wording of the CCC is also mentioned.
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