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Excellent “Bible in a Year” Study Administrator 04/10/21 05:27 AM
Since the start of the New Year I’ve been really enjoying “The Bible in a Year” podcast with Father Mike Schmitz.

Fr. Schmitz is very enthusiastic. The 20 minute daily broadcast consists of Scripture (generally about two chapters from two different books), a Psalm (or a reading from Proverbs), a short prayer, and a study of what was read (important highlights and not an exhaustive commentary).

I am not following the readings with a printed Bible. I seem to retain more by listening. I am listening to the podcasts on my iPhone using the podcast app.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.
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Vespers, Matins & the Divine Liturgy Jump to new posts
Re: Tone of the Week Thomas the Seeker 04/10/21 01:30 AM
The Antiochian "Year at a Glance" Liturgical guide indicates no "Tone of the Week" for Holy Week, Renewal (Pascha) Week, and Thomas Week.

The cycle is reset with Tone 2 on the Sunday of the Myrrh-bearers.

Because most of the Praises during Holy Week are in Tone 1 it could be argued that Tone 1 is the Tone of the Week for Holy Week.
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Faith & Theology Jump to new posts
Re: Holy Communion - Single Use Spoons ajk 04/09/21 06:27 PM
Originally Posted by Irish_Ruthenian
Originally Posted by ajk
A spoon before, spoons now since Covid; why "strange"?

Dipping it in alcohol, a new spoon for each communicant.

And you don't see the difference in the "then" and "now?"

Sheeeeesh. You probably think it is vaccine they are giving these suckers instead of an experimental gene-modification therapy.

A lot of obtuse words here, but now, consider answering the question, emphasis being on the word "strange."
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Church News Jump to new posts
Re: Bishop Milan Church closures Eparchy Parma thomisticgamer 04/07/21 02:20 AM
The cathedral is basically a school gym with pews and iconostasis. The parishes there are in a bit of a sad state, not to speak the lack of priests.
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Re: Byzantine Catholicism for Dummies 101A? Fr. Deacon Lance 04/06/21 02:10 AM
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Re: Translation of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in Irish Makumazahn 04/05/21 07:16 AM
Neil, thank you so much, though that may not be necessary. I emailed the parish using an address from earlier in this conversation, and Fr. Vasyl promptly responded and very kindly agreed to send me a copy.

Grace and peace,
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Re: Tomorrow Thomas the Seeker 04/04/21 04:00 AM

On the east bank of the Bosporus we catch a glimpse of greater joys to come as we sing:

"Before Thy Cross we bow down in worship, O Master;
And Thy Holy Resurrection we glorify".
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Re: +Jean Figel Administrator 04/02/21 01:14 AM

My condolences and prayers for the repose of your mother. You have done an incredible job taking care of her. I will keep her, you and your family in my prayers, especially during the rest of Holy Week and Pascha.

Eternal memory! Vičnaja jej pamjat'!

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Prayer Jump to new posts
Re: Latin Trad Irish Melkite 04/01/21 04:43 AM
Looking back through Latin Trad's posts from the time he joined in 2002 until he last posted 3 years ago, I found memories of him coming back to me - good ones. He was a fairly prolific poster - his 915 posts place him in the top 100 forum posters.

He came to us as a grad student; we prayed him through grad school, his wedding, the miseries of fighting a car dealership, a trip west, his doctoral studies, and a (successful) job application. He and James/Jakub enjoyed a good-natured long-running feud centered on the Yankees and Red Sox.

Despite a username which probably initially caused some of us a bit of angst, I don't think anyone could suggest that he ever took on any of the dreaded roles that might have been inferred from his nick. He himself went so far as to ask forum members in an open thread whether it offended and should he change it? The consensus was no.

Through the kindness of our sister, Communion of Saints, who provided it to me, I am posting a link to a very warm tribute paid to our brother from the college community in which he taught. He suffered through 5 bouts of cancer over a period of 9 years and never gave up, passing away at 37 and leaving a wife and three young children. I thought folks might like to read a bit about Brendan John Augustine McGuire. May his memory be eternal!

Christendom Mourns the Loss of Beloved Professor Brendan McGuire
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Re: Christ the Bridegroom Monastery theophan 03/30/21 11:07 PM
Christ is in our midst!!

May the Lord be praised. May the prayers of these holy women strengthen His Holy Church.
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Re: Prayers for the Atlanta & Boulder Victims Administrator 03/24/21 10:19 AM
Eternal Memory!
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The Kliros Jump to new posts
Re: "The Annunciation" by Fr. Osgood Fuller Administrator 03/24/21 01:59 AM
This is a quite nice theological poem.
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Re: Resources for Divine Liturgy of St. Basil ajk 03/19/21 03:04 PM
Although it is not a commentary, a good start is to look up the scriptural passages that inspire the texts of the liturgies. See the links to pdfs at the end of Draft Study Texts of the Ruthenian Divine Liturgies (Chr & Bas).
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Re: Happy Birthday Thomas the Seeker 03/18/21 07:19 PM
I am!
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SS Peter & Paul Church - Jersey City Administrator 03/17/21 12:13 AM
I received this request at the website. Can anyone answer her questions? If you have information, post it here. Or PM me with your contact information and I can put you in touch directly.

Hello, for many years I have been trying to located interior & exterior pictures of Sts. Peter & Paul’s on Sussex & Green sts.
My parents were married there in 1941 & I visited there in the 1960s. Can you give me any information regarding where I can locate such photos? I noticed from this website that there may be available a 125th anniversary commemorative book available.
Can you give me any information on how to obtain that & if photos from that time period are included? Any help would be greatly appreciated. You were kind enough recently to forward me a copy of their marriage certificate which arrived just in time for their 80th wedding anniversary.
Thank You So Much
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Faith & Theology Jump to new posts
Re: Confessing at Byzantine Church. How different is it? Administrator 03/16/21 11:10 PM
Originally Posted by Devin1890
Well perhaps what I wrote was a bit arrogant, though when I wrote "gently suggest", I meant more "ask" instead of "tell". I personally have never made such a request on the celebration of the mystery of confession, but I don't find it arrogant to make requests of priests, even in regards to the sacraments. Canon law states it is a right. The worse a priest can do is say no. Also, is it really that much of an imposition to ask a priest to be able to confess before an icon? Yes, there are legitimate reasons for saying no. But no burden in actually asking.
I am sure you would be polite in all that you do. It would very reasonable to ask the pastor about the way he administers the Sacramental Mystery of Confession. It would be wrong to say "You are not doing it correctly and you ought to do it this way."

But, of course, one needs to first really know how Confession is done. I have not done a comprehensive survey, but my guess is that most Byzantine priests with church buildings that have a Confession Room have an icon of Christ and maybe of additional saints in it. If not, I think a good way to move forward is to gently query "Does the Byzantine Church still generally ask people to confess before an icon of Christ?" And then offer to donate an appropriate icon to hang in the Confessional.
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Re: St. Ignatius Orthodox Press - Anthology of Prayer Devin1890 03/15/21 03:39 PM
Here is another update:

A quick update for our wonderful supporters!

We are continuing to work with the printer on our material selections. We should be receiving a blank "dummy" book with our selected paper stock and choices for evaluation in the near future, as well as cover material samples to make our final selections.

Because of the incredible response to the project, we have decided to give our contributors a special gift: everyone who has already contributed to the perk level of $100 or more will receive a genuine lambskin leather cover instead of the standard bonded leather cover. This is the ultimate in quality and durability, and it's our way of thanking you for going far beyond expectations with your contributions.

The genuine leather cover will only be available to our IndieGoGo supporters, and will not be available for purchase after the campaign concludes.

Genuine leather is expensive (by comparison, lambskin Bibles are typically priced at well over $100), so we are limiting this option to 200 copies. At the time of this post, 157 copies have been spoken for, so that leaves 43 available to be claimed.

We'll post another update when our samples come in. We are also checking into an update on our delivery dates. At this point early May seems more likely, but we'll continue keeping you informed.
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Town Hall Jump to new posts
Re: Sts. Peter and Paul, Granville, NY theophan 03/13/21 09:57 PM
Father Al, bless,

It's good to hear form you. I hope you are having a spiritually fruitful Great Lent.

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Faith & Theology Jump to new posts
Re: Meditating while saying vocal prayers rakovsky 03/13/21 04:44 PM
I like the idea of keeping the telephone call open in regards to the Jesus prayer - I'm going to keep that idea in mind.
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Faith & Theology Jump to new posts
Re: Prosphora is hard and dry rakovsky 03/13/21 03:03 AM
I ended up just eating it plain without humidifying it. It was OK.
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