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Re: Patriarch Bartholomew says reunion with Catholics is inevitable Ray S. 12/08/19 11:06 PM
Good points Bob
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Re: Sts. Peter and Paul, Granville, NY Fr. Al 12/07/19 07:52 PM
I've seen that site. In fact, I've visited the museum and become a member. Still, I have yet to hear from anyone directly associated with the parish. My guess is that the grandchildren and great-grandchildren have moved away or fallen away. Its similar here in Western PA; Orthodox, Greek Catholic, and Roman Catholic churches report similar experiences. An OCA parish in Dixonville is now a private home or apartments, I don't remember which. The parish closed, but the nearby Ukrainian Orthodox church is still functioning. A Byzantine Catholic church in Coal Run is now a private home, but one can clearly see that it used to be an Eastern church. After the congregation here in Black Lick moved into the new church building in 1980, the old church was torn down in 1982. We survive, but in much smaller numbers than in 1980.
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Re: For my wife facing hip replacement surgery Administrator 12/07/19 05:27 PM
Lord, have mercy!

Sorry to hear about Jan's fall. She (and you and John) continue to be in my prayers daily.
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Re: Confusion about dissenters. theophan 12/07/19 01:13 AM

Christ is in our midst!!

I don't want you to think that I wanted to minimize your concern about the situation you witnessed. I also totally agree with the posts you have added subsequently. We can judge behaviors that are evil; it is judging another's MOTIVES that get us in trouble. The person in question may have an unformed conscience or have some other moral defect that only the Lord can see. However, that does not let us off the hook for witnessing to the truth we have received. Remember what the Lord said about those who are lukewarm? He will vomit them out of His Mouth.

I happen to be in support of the priest who refused to distribute the Lord to Joe Biden for his obstinate support of abortion.

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Saint Josaphat and Saint Job side-by-side griego catolico 12/06/19 09:44 PM
There's a Ukrainian Catholic parish somewhere in the U.S. or Canada which depicts Saint Josaphat Kuntsevych and Saint Job of Pochaev standing side-by-side on the wall of the church interior. There was lettering in English identifying each saint.
There was a photo taken of these saints and posted on its parish website.
This was years ago and I'm interested in seeing it again, but can't remember which Ukrainian Catholic parish it was.
Does anyone on this forum know which Ukrainian Catholic parish this is?
Thank you for any assistance given.
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Re: Pagan tradition in the church? Utroque 12/05/19 09:22 PM
Speaking of trees, saw this wonderful video about a church of forests in Ethiopia I'd like to share:

Church of Forests
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Re: Please help us update the "Links to Parish Home Pages" Administrator 12/03/19 08:19 PM
Updates made. Many thanks for the input.

If anyone has some free time, we need a volunteer to click through all entries on the Links to Parish Home Pages. Website URLs change frequently and it is difficult to keep up with all the changes. Each should open in a new window. Post any changes here.

For those parishes where the URL has expired I have removed it, but left the entry. It's possible they have a new site. Thanks.
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Re: Great Lenten celebrations with neighboring parishes Augoustinos 12/03/19 05:34 PM
Thanks for the info. I'll definitely talk to him. I think that, in addition to Vespers, getting people to come out to any divine service is getting tougher and tougher. Lots of the older folks are hitting their limit of ability to attend every week, or they are dying. Most younger people move away from the parish they grew up in or find convenience in simply going to a closer Roman Catholic Church.

I can't speak for other UGC Churches, but my parish rarely holds vespers or matins for the exact reason you stated - they aren't eucharistic celebrations.
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Re: Eastern Catholics and the Book of Revelation Kind 12/02/19 11:25 AM
questions the legitimacy of revelations' entry into canon.
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Visit to UGCC Chapel orthodoxsinner2 12/02/19 02:33 AM
Hi all,

It probably has been some time since I last posted (5 + years perhaps).

I have since relocated to Lincoln, NE. I can't say for sure how long I will reside here but at least until August.

I have kind of been all over the place on my spiritual journey. I have not gone to an Orthodox Church or a Catholic Church for about 7 years.

As many of my previous posts have dealt with considering returning to the Catholic Church I believe I may actually be in a position to make that happen since there is a small UGCC Chapel here in Lincoln.

Today was my first visit. It was a pleasant and spiritually uplifting experience. It was the priest's last Sunday as he is going back to Ukraine. He told me that the Liturgy would be all in Ukrainian which is fine because I was pretty sure that I could follow along even though I don't know any Ukrainian.

He actually did do a healthy amount of English which was very nice of him.

He said there will be a visiting priest for the next 2 weeks and then the new permanent priest would arrive the following week. I am assuming the priest comes from Omaha which is only an hour away and there is a UGCC parish there.

If anyone has any info on Eastern Catholicism in Nebraska that would be appreciated.

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Ecumenical Patriarch: We Stay and Fight Because this is Our Irrev Ray S. 12/01/19 07:42 PM
Ecumenical Patriarch: We Stay and Fight Because this is Our Irrevocable Decision

CONSTANTINOPLE – His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, during his speech at the conclusion of the Patriarchal and Synodal Divine Liturgy this week, underscored the determination of the “hurt Greeks” not to abandon the good fight of saving their presence in Constantinople and witnessing in their physical and historical cradle.
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Bishop Brian Bayda C.SS.R. new apostolic administrator Toronto Roman 11/30/19 07:00 PM
This information was apprently posted in the Vatican News on November 9, 2019:

"Resignation of eparchial bishop of Toronto of the Ukrainians and appointment of apostolic administrator of the same eparchy

The Holy Father has accepted the resignation from the pastoral care of the eparchy of Toronto of the Ukrainians, presented by Bishop Stephen Victor Chmilar.

The Pope has appointed Bishop Bryan J. Bayda, C.SS.R., of Saskatoon of the Ukrainians, as apostolic administrator of the eparchy of Toronto of the Ukrainians."
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Re: Naked Baptism theophan 11/26/19 01:05 PM
Christ is in our midst!!

Not really. You bring freshness that is needed so that we don't become stale. Sometimes it takes new people to wake us all up and give us a renewal of the challenge given to us in Baptism and Chrismation. Don't give up the fight.

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Re: I recently bought "Divine Office of the Byzantine-Slavonic Rite. Augoustinos 11/23/19 07:23 AM
Thanks, that is some good advice. The melodies that never change are all in my parish's Divine Liturgy book, and I know them all quite well. Matins and Vespers, however, the books only are put out when they are served, so not often. Of course I could ask my priest if I could make a copy of them, but the Ukrainian Catholic church doesn't have anything close to the Ruthenian Metropolitan Cantor Institute website where literally everything is there and you could basically learn it all yourself.

We Ukrainian Catholics, however, since 2018 have been holding a Singing Convention. The website is lacking, but it seems to be conference where "cantors, singers, choir directors, clergy, and all those interested in church singing gather for the annual Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Singing Conference, “SingCon,” a weekend of prayer, learning, and fellowship." Its an hour away at the Philadelphia UGCC Cathedral next year, so I might go.
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Vespers, Matins & the Divine Liturgy Jump to new posts
Re: Ukrainian Catholic DL seems to leave parts out Administrator 11/21/19 12:22 PM
There are probably more reasons than I am aware of. Time, however, is likely the main reason. There is great concern that the people will not participate in a service that is more than an hour long. Especially when they probably drive past a Roman Catholic parish with a 45 minute Mass that "counts".

My long time adage on the length of liturgy is: 'If the liturgy is celebrated and sung well, an hour is not very long at all; but, if it is not celebrated and sung well, 30 minutes can be an eternity."
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The Christian East & West Jump to new posts
Re: Breathing With Both Lungs Ecaterina 11/20/19 01:38 PM
I would like to say that not all Eastern Catholics are as strict about East/West spirituality as seen here. In my country Greek Catholics (they never call themselves "Eastern Catholics" only Greek Catholics) do pray the Rosary and say the Creed WITH filioque (translated). They also celebrate St. John Chrysosthom's liturgy and read Akathists sometimes. So they do both.

When the Pope visited Romania they went to the Roman Catholic cathedral to celebrate together with him and other Roman Catholics.

This could be caused by the fact that most Eastern Orthodox here no longer consider them Orthodox, so their only friends are the Roman Catholics. Could be.

However, with all due to respect to those who disagree, their attitude is correct in my eyes. If the Schism is over (and in their eyes it is) then both sides matter. There can no more "I never pray the Rosary because we don't do that", or "I only pray the Rosary, what is that silly rope?" I mean sure, people will always have preferences but there can no longer be a theological reason for these preferences. The Rosary isn't even part of the Roman Liturgy. It specifically listed as private devotion. Even if a group of 1,000 pray it at the same time and in the same place, is still a private devotion done together by more people.

The theological difference got founded though the Schism. There were certain misunderstandings between East and West as many traditionalists insist today, but clearly they never mattered until the Schism. I don't think the Schism did any good to clarify anything like many claim, even if it's logical that only one side was correct on certain matters disputed now. Before the Schism, the discussion continued even after disagreement. Today after the Schism it is very important from where the Holy Spirit proceeds with the importance that if you think otherwise than what I think God is angry at you because you don't just SEE the Holy Trinity with the clarity the Prophets saw their messages. So He must be angry with me too because I also don't just SEE it, I learned about it and thought about. I didn't see the Holy Trinity as St. Moses saw the burning bush.

I don't think that the Truth Christ refers to is some spiritual gimmick we must guess, and theology a labyrinth that we must solve in order to please God.
God shares some of His unseen works with us as a friend, to comfort us, to make us miss Him and to amuse our good curiosity. Sometimes the Enemy distorts these messages and one hears something and the other another. But these are details. In the case of His Commandments, morality, the core of what He expects from us, I think those are more important than the color of garments during the Liturgy (which even in the East differs from St. John's anyway). Did St. John Chrysosthom make a fuss about theology? No, he made a fuss about a case of abuse, of immorality, of power being misused.

Breathing with both lungs just seems like a metaphor taking over the meaning its trying to convey. Why both lungs and not both eyes, or arms, or legs, or kidneys, or any other body part that the Lord made generally symmetrical in the human body?

Once Communion is being restored by the EOC also, it makes perfect sense that praying a Rosary or an Akathist is a matter of preference since the Schism would then be over.
God prefers a honest heart above all. Jesus Christ said He loves the Truth and criticized the Saducees and Pharisees for pricing method above meaning.

I am sorry for the rant and that I sounded like complaining too loudly, like a mega-pathetic, impatient, emotional nihilist of the whole discussion.
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Re: Holy Transfiguration Parish McLean Ordination Weekend Photos Irish_Ruthenian 11/18/19 06:27 PM
The new deacon, Fr. Deacon Elias, is my spiritual director. He is an amazing man, kind, gentle, wise, and yet firm when needed to be. I am blessed to have him to guide my confused person through the maze I call my life. He will be a blessing to any parish where he is assigned when he is ordained a priest.
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Re: "Weeping" icon @ Carpatho-Russian Parish on Tour theophan 11/17/19 02:30 AM
Christ is in our midst!!

I was there. Words fail.

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Re: St. Nektarios the Wonderworker P H 11/16/19 05:23 AM
hello last night i herd three knocks in my troom it was three n then agein another three thought it was at my window nothing loooked all over no one
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Re: For the mother of our Moderator Bob Ecaterina 11/15/19 10:30 AM
Praying for Bob's mother and all his family, may God heal and comfort her.
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us sinners!
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Re: Memory Eternal - +Archimandrite Joseph Francavilla Thomas the Seeker 11/15/19 04:26 AM
Leeyakun thikruhu muabadan,
Vecchnaya Pamjat,
Eonia imnimi,
Memory Eternal!
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Re: Protestantism and the Holy Theotokos P H 11/14/19 12:45 PM
I think the lack of interest in Theotokos is something that has been growing in Protestantism. I read Luther did believe in Virgin Mary's perpetual virginity and this makes it impossible for him to have thought she was not special, just a woman God used to get a body. Also Calvin believed in her virginity but Zwigli shifted the attention towards social works as redemption and other Protestant beliefs. Moving attention away from pure theology may have created a need to justify this shift and thus the Modern Theotokos (St. Hannah included) appeared.
Denigrating is easier than defending, so showing Theotokos as "an idol" is an easy type of theology.
It wasn't there at the start. Not with Luther. I could be wrong but....
Otherwise, how do you explain the hymn "Ave Maria" by J.S. Bach who was Lutheran, was he not?

Today some Augustinian Lutherans do read the Rosary, have statues of Virgin Mary in their churches and at the same time define themselves as Protestants.
In the case of Neo-Protestantism (sects) I think they are by nature seeking adepts and conversion is vital to them. In order to get adepts today they find it easier to convert a Catholic or an Eastern Orthodox than to convert a Muslim, a Jew or a Hindu, or even an atheist. It's simply more effective to make people doubt what they already believe and twist something there, than to build from scratch with a non-believer. I am sorry if I have offended anyone Neo-Protestant here, but their aggressiveness in spreading their own structures is a fact. And it's also a fact that their dialectics mostly contain "are you sure that God wants us to ___?" (venerate Theotokos, pray to saints, confess to priests, fast etc).
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Re: Regarding Icons as Profile Pictures Ecaterina 11/11/19 02:33 PM
Vigilante, you are right, in principle. I stand guilty here, too.
Maybe I can explain my case?
The icon is because I respect and thank St. Catherine Great Martyr in particular for the help she gave me in getting back to the church. So the icon also represents a constant prayer from me to her, to watch over me and over what I say here (so it may not be scandalous or illogical, false or insincere, and so I may not smitten someone away from faith because of what I say, so that she tempers me because I am very emotional by nature).
Also the usage of icons on the internet, even as avatars, is for me a quiet way of expressing disenchantment to the secularization that is usually done on the internet, religious symbols being seen as uncool, or bigotry. So it's also a way of expressing my faith.
I personally would not use Christ's icon except as a Crucifix but those who use icons of Christ are most likely doing it as a sign of quiet prayer to Him as well.
Those of Theotokos I did use, and they expressed the same thing - expressing my religious identity and a special devotion to the said saint.
In certain exceptional situations I would use that of Archangels as well.
The internet is sometimes a strange place some times and asking for help and guidance from the saints is something that keeps me more comfortable.
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Re: Not enough priests; not enough people Administrator 11/11/19 12:51 PM
He is and shall be!

It seems to me that the first question to be asked is: "What is the source of the decline?"

People move. In some places the people have left to move to greener pastures. Here, the Church must follow them. And make decisions about whether the old location is still suitable for a parish, perhaps to reach out the unchurched who still live there. But I think for some parishes in PA and elsewhere this is not the reason.

Very often the issue is with either a poor quality of liturgical worship, lack of community in the parish, or both (the two are mutually dependent).

As to vocations, there is a direct relationship between the quality of liturgical worship, the community in the parish, and the number of vocations the parish grows.
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need advice n help P H 11/11/19 02:05 AM
hi so i have been asking theotkos saint nectarios saint ephraim of nea makri n saint savvas of kaymnos to heal my mom of stage 4 advanced stomach cancer . shes in the hospital of some set back happend over the weekend so just about 5 minutes ago i was in my kitchen n i smell charcoal as if some one was lighting livani in the kitchen could some one tell me what that means or is . and where can i buy a prayerbook to saints and regular prayers translated from greek to english thanks very much god bless
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