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Yesterday at 08:04 PM
This is extraordinary. How long have you been meeting in this parish?
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Town Hall
12/12/18 04:44 PM
Yes, The Finnish orthodox Church EP uses the Gregorian calendar. There are some small so called private orthodox parishes MP in the country and they ofcourse use the Julian one.😀
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Church News
12/10/18 07:24 PM
Indeed and I did - and they are well used smile
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Vespers, Matins & the Divine Liturgy
12/10/18 05:03 PM
Someone has indicated to me that Fr. Serge Kelleher had authored a response to Liturgiam Authenticam. Does anyone know where to obtain such a document. I cannot find easily.

Fr. Michael
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The Christian East & West
12/10/18 04:39 PM
Originally Posted by Irish_Ruthenian
It is not a far step at all from all human beings are guilty of the sin of Adam to all human beings are totally depraved, worthless, piles of dung (Luther's admonition) and thus of no value to God unless they submit to Christ.
That's a step not taken by orthodox -- Catholic and Orthodox -- doctrine.

Originally Posted by Irish_Ruthenian
Original Sin as proposed by the West makes us enemies of God instead of His children who are sick and need to be healed.
We incurred death (Gen 2:17; 3:19) and were banished from Eden (Gen 3:2) -- harsh treatment for "His children who are sick and need to be healed." As for being enemies, St. Paul is a reality check:

Romans 5:10 for if, being enemies (ἐχθροὶ), we have been reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved in His life.

Originally Posted by Irish_Ruthenian
From that point (being enemies of God) then the idea of the rightness of a fiery, eternal hell of torment is the next step, both logical and just. Who does not deal in the most severe manner possible with his enemies, and God is no exception. Perhaps the epistemological end of this thinking is Dante's ridiculous pictures of hell.
Apart from a poetic license, Dante's depth of hell is ice, not fire.

Originally Posted by Irish_Ruthenian
There is no doubt that if we are "totally depraved" and therefore nothing more than God's enemies and rebels in our unredeemed ontology ...
Not "totally depraved," and not "nothing more than" but yes, "God's enemies and rebels in our unredeemed ontology" until save by Christ as St. Paul says.

Originally Posted by Irish_Ruthenian
From there, the next logical impasse is getting the unborn dead (as in aborted babies) or unbaptized into heaven. Thus the fatuous doctrine of Limbo becomes a necessity.
Limbo is not "de fide" doctrine and much more nuanced; see, e.g. Limbo.

Originally Posted by Irish_Ruthenian
And it gets worse and worse. If Augustine's musings on the soul and the effect of Original Sin are correct, then inasmuch as all the unredeemed are the "enemies of God," then they should be treated as enemies. Thus you have the Puritans rejoiced over the murder of 600 Native American women and children because they are wretched sinners who richly deserve hell. What a fine Christian way to treat other human beings!! In like manner, when the Dutch Calvinists landed in South Africa, they found a nation filled with pagan idol worshipers, and within the context of their Augustinian-based anthropology, these too were enemies of God (instead of children of God) and were to be treated as such (i.e. enslaved and made second-class citizens) rather than to be treated with the dignity they deserved as children of God, evangelized and taken out of their errors.

Bad doctrine leads to bad religion.
Even if so, bad interpretation of doctrine does not infer bad doctrine.

Originally Posted by Irish_Ruthenian
One other thing that the author did not mention. If the Theotokos was conceived immaculately, then Her flesh, from which Christ receives His salvific and sacrificial Flesh, is not the same as ours. In other words, She is not of the same type as we are, and thus Christ, who receives His Flesh from Her, is not in toto one of us, thus creating havoc with the doctrine of salvation by the adoption of our similar nature and the healing of it by His complete obedience.
But Christ died in that flesh as did Mary. Using this kind of logic then, Mary's perpetual virginity means she's not "the same type as we are," not a real woman.

Originally Posted by Irish_Ruthenian
Bad doctrine leads to bad theology.
Also, poorly interpreted "doctrine leads to bad theology."
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Town Hall
12/10/18 04:31 PM
Check out our Recent News on the homepage of the websites of Eastern Christian Publications and the Orientale Lumen Foundation. Attached are fliers about:

Christmas Gift Ideas
Theosis Magazine and Ezine
OLTV Premium Website
Smartphone APP and Email Prayer Service
“Light of the East #3” Pilgrimage

Our books and email prayer service website is:

Our media, conference and pilgrimage website is:

You can find many of the Christmas gift ideas on the Featured tabs of both websites.

Jack Figel, ECP Publisher and OLF Chairman
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Town Hall
12/06/18 04:13 PM
Wishing all my brethren here a blessed feast day commemorating St. Nicholas.

May his example remind us of the great charity he showed to others, especially the poor, at this time of year when Our Lord chose to be generous to us by becoming one of us in all things but sin in order to reconcile us all to the Father.

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Town Hall
12/05/18 03:20 PM
For your enjoyment, the "Hymn to Saint Nicholas" sung by Saint George the Great-Martyr Parish in Taylor, Pennsylvania:

O kto, kto Nikolaja l'ubit, O kto, kto Nikolaju služit, :Tomu svjatyj Nikolaj Na vsjakij čas pomahaj, Nikolaj, Nikolaj:

O who loves Nicholas, the saintly, O who serves Nicholas,the saintly, Him will Nicholas receive, And give help in time of need, Nicholas, Nicholas.

O kto, kto živet v jeho dvory Pomoščnik na zeml'i i mor'i. :Izmet jeho ot napasti Ne dast' jemu v hr'ichi v pasti Nikolaj, Nikolaj.:

O who dwells in God's holy mansions, Is our help on the land and oceans. He will guard us from all ills, Keep us pure and free from sins, Nicholas, Nicholas.
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Liturgical Translations
12/03/18 03:03 PM
But Texas has relatively few Slovaks, but many Czechs and Germans. The Windish people in Bethlehem, PA, on the other hand, are a totally different breed. They came from Hungary, they used to publish their own paper in Bethlehem, using their unique Slovene dialect written in the Hungarian orthography! Needless to say, almost nobody left in that group speaks Slovene or Hungarian.
Here in PA, we have the largest group of Slovaks outside of Slovakia. Yet, it is almost impossible for me to find anyone that speaks Slovak. Occasionally. I meet with a group in this area to practice my Slovak. They are mostly Czechs and mostly new arrivals.
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The Christian East & West
12/03/18 01:46 AM
OLTV (Orientale Lumen TeleVision) launches a new premium video website with exclusive lectures by world-renowned theologians and educators Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware), lecturer emeritus of Oxford University, and Archimandrite Robert Taft, SJ, of blessed memory, professor emeritus of the Pontifical Oriental Institute in the Vatican.

These videos were recorded only for OLTV and contain much unpublished lecture material by both experts. Some topics include:

• Mystical Theology of the Fathers
• Doctrine of the Holy Trinity
• Mary and Her Feasts
• Churches of the Christian East
• Kingdom of the Heart: The Jesus Prayer
• Liturgy: Model of Prayer, Icon of Life
• Christian Festivities
• Christ: Yesterday, Today and Forever

The site will eventually have nearly 150 lectures and is available for viewing around the world on all electronic devices (computers, tablets, phones) for a monthly subscription of $9.99/month. There is a 7-day free trial period.
Each subject is covered in 5-10 lectures and are suitable for personal viewing or when connected to a video projector or large screen TV could be used for parish educational programs.
To subscribe, access the link below:

Jack Figel, Executive Producer
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11/27/18 02:41 AM
Thank you and I add my prayers of gratitude and good wishes for all.
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Town Hall
11/26/18 04:45 PM
There are diverse reasons why people like olive wood rosaries, crucifixes, or other religious objects. From my understanding the manufacture of these objects has been a source of income for Palestinian Christians for many generations. Also the wood used is pruned from ancient olive trees which possibly have been around for thousands of years. I have an olive wood rosary that I have carried for a long time. Also these items can make very nice gifts for holidays or special occasions. I also have a rosary made of olive pits, although I believe this one is from Rome and not the Holy Land.

Although not directly related to the rosaries or carvings, olive oil plays a significant part in our worship. It is used in various unctions, and burned in oil lampadas at home or in church.

Best wishes;
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11/26/18 12:18 AM
A look back at some of the outstanding books in Eastern Christian and cognate studies in 2018:
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Town Hall
11/22/18 02:46 AM
As the resident Luddite using TenFourFox v.7 on a Mac 10.4.11---I heartily approve!

NO 'issues" and this time "new and improved" is "brighter, whiter".

(No racism implied!)
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11/20/18 08:54 PM
I have been playing this today while I work. This funeral is beautiful. The singing is fantastic.

Eternal memory!
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Faith & Theology
11/17/18 06:42 PM
Hello Lawrence, Did you in fact get a transliteration of the Ukrainian, for this Divine liturgy, or can you point me to one online? I also need one (although as has been mentioned in other posts, I personally *can* read and pronounce cyrillic, but others in the choir cannot). Thank you in advance.
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11/15/18 08:41 PM
Lord, have mercy!
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Town Hall
11/15/18 06:45 PM
If you google his name, it brings up his service both here and in Albania. But it doesn't give contact info.
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