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Christ is in our midst!!


I am one of the Moderators for this section, so don't worry about having your post screened out. In fact, I had to approve it so it would see the light of day.

My point is that people of faith have been told--without equivocation--that they are not welcome in one of our political parties. So before we look at policies or anything else, the question is whether we participate in the civic realm or abandon it. Do we walk away and hope prayer works without our active input. Voices matter; input matters. Without our active participation, our values will not come to the discussion and we will have hidden our faith under a basket.

I am not arguing in favor of one party or another over policy. Neither one fully--or even partially--reflects who or what we stand for. OTOH, I am not so foolish as to stick around when I am told point blank that I am not welcome and my views are not welcome in the discussion. It's akin to knocking on a door, asking to talk, and having the door slammed in one's face. I may be dense, but I get that message without much deep thought. In fact, I have experienced that unwelcome attitude growing up in a small town where Protestants and Catholics were just slightly less than at war with each other. I was in a mixed marriage and we were like the Untouchables in India--not welcome anywhere.

One more thing. When the argument is made that "the rich" don't pay their "fair share," no one mentions that the wealthiest group--the top very small percentage--pays the largest share of federal income taxes in the nation while the bottom 50% pays nothing. That's public record.

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Re: Seeking refutation of Ubi Petrus theophan 09/24/20 03:52 PM
Christ is in our midst!!

. . . the Early Fathers . . . were pretty strict about how things should be done


I think if you step back and take a look at the first millennium era you will find that the reason that the Fathers were so strict in their writings is that the actual Deposit of Faith, itself, was at stake. There were many who claimed to be the Church and who had all sorts of strange things they were preaching. The Fathers, I believe, saw their task as fighting all these deliberate tangents from the Faith and passing along the correct doctrine needed for a right relationship with Christ. The first seven Ecumenical Councils, for example, were called to hammer out just Who Christ was and what His mission was: what the reason for all this was and is. All the tangents had consequences for getting a right relationship with Christ and, further, had eternal consequences. That was the reason that the Empire brought everyone together in councils--to get everyone on the same page and shut down those who were causing disruption in the Church. Even defining who was in the Church and who was not was a big issue.

I don't, for example, think any Christian today--except the Muslims or maybe Unitarians--believes that Jesus Christ was simply another prophet among many. I don't think any Christian denies the Resurrection. There are many other examples, I am sure.

Issues like the ones most polemicists argue over are small by comparison IMHO.

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Re: Seminary for Married Men Colin Sheehan 09/20/20 03:07 AM
Thank you for the input. It sounds as complicated as I imagined it would be lol.
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Re: Justice Ginsberg Administrator 09/19/20 11:32 AM
Rest in peace. Eternal Memory.
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Re: For EC/EO on Married Priests dochawk 09/18/20 10:38 PM
appointing pastors for a term, rather than permanently, is *not* the norm for the RCC.

Rather, the norm is permanent appointment, with a provision allowing national bodies of bishops to set a term, an option which the US bishops have taken.

I've never heard of a fixed term for an eastern parish but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist anywhere . . .

A few years ago, a Ukrainian Catholic priest retired at just shy of 50 years in the same parish . . .

Chatting with my own priest, he noted that as a pastor, rather than administrator, he has some level of right to not be moved without cause. (Pittsburgh Metropolia).
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Re: Altar Server dochawk 09/18/20 10:29 PM
if it's like the nee-Ruthenians, in the US, it can be by not scurrying fast enough when the priest looks your way!


I knocked on the sacristy door once to see if he needed help when I saw he only had one.

After that, if I didn't go in and vest on my own, he came out and brought me back . . .

currently, our parish is going without servers at all.

Hopefully we move outdoors again as the temperature drops; even with the distancing, it's not safe enough indoors--one of my daughters is at particularly high risk from *any* vascular problem due to having had a collapsed lung, so I need to be as cautious as if I were her, or she'll catch it from me before I know I have it . . .
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Re: The Eucharist and disease theophan 09/14/20 10:27 PM
Thank you again Bob. Your insight is always inspiring. My confessor gave me a similar penance once. It is something so simple to do, but challenging to remain constant. It's easy to see Christ in the face of the random person you hold a door open to or give a warm greeting too. It's much more challenging/requires way more discipline to see Christ in the face of the person flipping you off as they cut you off on the highway lol. That was where I always fell short with this practice. Things went great, until they didn't. But constancy is always a challenge in developing one's spiritual life. Pride and laziness are the two biggest killers of spiritual progress.
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Re: Seeking advice on Prayer Corner Devin1890 09/13/20 02:20 PM

The book you mentioned, "Byzantine Catholic Prayer For The Home", how big is it? I saw the reviews on Amazon that noted insanely tiny print. Are those accurate? I have been using the PDF version of BCPFTH until I can get a copy of the Publican's Prayer Book and I am wondering if Byzantine Catholic Prayer For The Home in a tangible format would be worth purchasing?
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Re: "Catholic" speaker theophan 09/10/20 03:49 PM
Christ is in our midst!!

Michael Thoma:

I took a look at your list and went to the sites. I have to agree with you. I got the same "feel" I get when some organization sends me a money solicitation--the name is close to something I donate to, but not quite. There are many good organizations out there helping persecuted Christians. May I suggest "Aid to the Church in Need," a pontifical/Papal organization that helps both Catholic and Orthodox Christians around the world. I have become very suspicious as I age and only donate to organizations that I can verify with other people that I trust.

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Re: Prudent or paranoid? Michael_Thoma 09/09/20 05:36 AM
Originally Posted by Thomas the Seeker
The prayers used in the Sacrament of Holy Unction (in its Holy Wednesday form) are replete with phrases linking physical illness with illnesses of the soul which are generically referred to as sin.

Similarly the petitions of the Litany for Artoklesia beg God to set aside his righteous chastisement and to be gracious to us.

Decoupling physical illness from sin and tis consequences is a strange permutation of Dualism.

I've never seen a prayer offered for setting aside the physical chastisement I'm experiencing, as caused by a third party rather than possibly something in myself. As far as I know, in the Syriac Tradition, it's always have mercy on me and forgive me, forgive us all for our sins and those of the world, not forgive and save me in my righteousness for those persons in whom I see sinfulness for which I suffer physically - unless there's been a physical attack.
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Re: Online Divine Liturgies Practices Thomas the Seeker 09/07/20 03:23 AM
Weighing in nearly one month later:

As a convert from the West, one of the many beauties of Orthodoxy is its "unity of the faith" which is largely (but, unfortuneately, not always) uncoupled from uniformity of practice.

Priests and parishes err grievously when then confuse their personal or collective small "t" traditions with the Great Tradition.

Epistle and/or Gospel plain read or chanted? How many languages? What is the length of the passage?

Frankly, I would consider it abusive to intone the Gospel for the Sunday of the Blind Man in more the one language....or even in one language without some notation that there is economia for those who need to sit because of the length of that passage.

And honestly, such a notation should not be needed.
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Re: Changing Churches Colin Sheehan 09/03/20 05:55 PM
Agreed. I was stating that my initial desire that drew me to Eastern Catholicism/Orthodoxy "was" escapism. I also stated this is a horrible reason to join an Eastern Church. Then I mentioned that after constant exposure to the Divine Liturgy and reading about Eastern theology (and adopting a few spiritual devotions, like the Rule of Prayer offered on this website) I found myself being drawn in to the Eastern life. So much so, that I no longer feel connected to western devotions. I don't feel torn between Rome and the East anymore. I feel torn between EC and EO. The only reason I spoke of the SSPX was to defend them from false claims being made against them. Respectfully Bob, you mentioned the SSPX and made the claim that they are not part of the Catholic Church. This is simply not true and so I was just trying to defend the SSPX as they are often on the receiving end of false statements and I wanted anyone reading these posts to know that the SSPX are and always have been in the Catholic Church. But there's no further need to discuss them as you rightly point out, this is an Eastern forum.
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Re: Fulfilling Sunday Obligation at an Orthodox Liturgy Colin Sheehan 09/03/20 03:36 AM
My feelings of anger and hate are at directed at the apathy at those parishes where people receive our Lord without discerning his Body. And while we can't know individually who is guilty or not, we can know that no small number is responsible. When you see the same 5-8 people at confession every sunday, yet the entire parish goes to receive every Sunday? That's not right. And our priests don't say anything. They simply don't care. When a priest thinks it's ok to chew gum through the Mass (even during communion)? People wrote Archbishop Gomez about that repeatedly and nothing ever came from it. And now he's the head of the USCCB (Heaven help us). Between that and his liturgical dancing and I could seriously go on and on and on and on. I love our Lord. I do not want to see him abused by people that claim they love him. How can I not feel anger? When nothing changes for so long, how can that anger not fester? Roman Catholicism is killing my faith. That's what prompted me going East in the first place. Byzantine Catholicism was the last net that stopped me from breaking with Rome completely and joining the Orthodox. I don't "want" to be bitter and angry. I want to completely let go of Roman Catholicism and Pope Francis and the Bishops in the United States and simply write them off as a "roman problem", pray for them (from a distance) and just focus on building up the Ruthenian community I hope to remain part of. So for me, I agree with the SSPX. The Sunday obligation doesn't necessarily apply to the novus ordo. For many people, myself included, the novus ordo is a near occasion of sin.

As it is I have so little faith left in the Catholic Church. I can't help but wonder sometimes if the current state of affairs is God's justice? Perhaps Vatican I and the notion of papal infallibility/universal jurisdiction was indeed a mistake and God is correcting it by humbling the Roman Church? While the EO have a litany of their own problems, it can be said to their credit that their leaders are not embracing in public acts of apostasy.
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Re: Litanies in Readers Services Fr. Deacon Lance 08/31/20 01:07 AM
Since the litanies are always concluded by a presbyterial pray it is considered improper for a reader or deacon to pray a litany that can’t be concluded since he can’t say the priest’s prayer.
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Re: Looking for video of Byzantine priest incensing statue. Colin Sheehan 08/29/20 02:09 AM
I saw that but I remembered the video saying it was an Orthodox priest? Maybe typing that in will help your search? I tried looking but couldn't turn it up. I remembered seeing it and being awed at how awesome it was to see, what I thought was an Orthodox priest, coming out to incense a Catholic procession. I thought to myself, THIS is what ecumenism looks like.
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