St. Thekla Vigil 2016 - Part Two (Dinine Liturgy)
by Thomas the Seeker on 10/01/16 10:50 AM

Patronal Feast at the St. Thekla Monastery, Glenville, PA, September 23 - 24 2016.

Saturday September 24 began at 8:00 AM with Nocturnes followed by Festal Orthros (Polyelios and Communion preparation prayers) and Divine Liturgy.

The Liturgy was served by Fr. Mark Sahady, Chaplain of the Monastery, with sermon preached by His Grace Bishop Nicholas of the Diocese of New York and Washington. While the Monastery is withing the georgraphic territory of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic all special chapels of the Antiochian Archdiocere are under the jurisdiction of Bishop Nicholas.