Hello all...

Perhaps some of you can enlighten me on the proper way of practicing stoicism in a Christian perspective.

I am aware that stoicism derived from a pagan philosophy when one accepts the "cosmic fate", which is at odds with Christian perspective.

However...from my perspective...it's the Will of G-d (as opposed to "cosmic fate") that things are the way they are.

I've been experiencing a lot of difficulties lately, lots of sad news among family and friends, frustrations, feeling overwhelmed, and just a lot of heavy cross I'm bearing. It seems that I have no choice but to accept it with dignity and grace.

And with that, it seems that lately I've been stoical about a lot of things.

Of course, the Serenity Prayer is an example of stoicism, so I assume that there's nothing wrong with that.

So I wanted your thoughts and comments so I can ponder about it as to avoid the dangers of going on the pagan road.

Deaf Byzantine