This prayer was written by David Moore and delivered at Roncalli High School's all-sports banquet in Indianapolis, Indiana in the spring of 2000.


The prayer of a champion

"Dear Lord,

"We are gathered here tonight in your name to honor those athletes who have not only taken the field for Roncalli, but who have taken to the battlefield for you.

"It is not always on the sports field that we do our battle, but on the field of everyday life. We do not battle for the goals nor the touchdowns, or the blue rings, but for the cross that we will carry to you.

"Allow not our memories to be filled by the highlight tapes or the dazzling plays, but instead by the prayers that began our games and the huddles we made to praise you after our victories and even our defeats.

"Let us not only think it was the weight of the iron in the weight room or the long hours at practice that made us victorious, but the weight of the cross and the hours on our knees that made us great.

"As for the seniors who have taken off their Roncalli jersey for the last time, help us remember that the competition has just begun. For the real battle is not with the pigskin or the round ball, but with the crosses that you have laid upon us.

"Allow us to be coached by your love, and let all of us give you, our true coach, 110 percent. That is where we will find the true meaning of a champion.

"In the name of your Son, Christ Jesus, we ask this blessing. Amen."

Sadly, the author, David Moore, fell asleep in the Lord on January 26, 2011.

He was killed in the line of his duty as an Indianapolis Police Officer.

Eternal Memory!