In an effort to unclutter this forum and make a bit more room for current threads on its front page, I've collected links here to the half-dozen threads that were formerly stickied at its top. These threads contain considerable resource information on Old Believers and Old Ritualists:

Internet Resources on Old Believers

Popovtsy Churches - #1 of 5

Bespopovtsy Communities - #2 of 5

Sekstanstvo (Sectarian) Bodies - Dukhovnye Khristiane - #3 of 5

Sekstanstvo (Sectarian) Bodies - The Eretiki (Heretics) - #4 of 5

Unrelated Contemporaneous Movements - #5 of 5


Old Believer Groups - pulls together discussion of the Beglopopovtsi, who are otherwise kind of scattered among a couple of the series threads.

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