Dear Friends of the Forum,

It has been many years since I've posted on this forum. It was a place where I spent some time when I was in my early 20s discerning a vocation. I am now a Deacon, married with children and living in Pittsburgh, PA. What has drawn me out of hibernation???

Just the desire to share with you some events happening at my parish in Pittsburgh. Please go to the following link and watch the video.

Help St. John the Baptist Parish NOW!

Many of you familiar with Pittsburgh will know that St. John, as I am told, is the Mother Church of all Greco-Catholics in Pittsburgh. It was first founded in 1891. If you have ever been to Pittsburgh it is a majestic golden domed Church that dominates the SouthSide's skyline. We are presently facing some challenges from developers who want to put a gas station in accross the street from us that poses a serious threat to the survival of our parish. The video explains everything you need to know.

Please share this with others you may know over the internet and prayerfully consider a year-end gift to help us.

May God, One in the Holy Trinity, bless you all!

Wishing you a blessed St. Philip's Fast, I am

Very truly yours,
Fr. Deacon Alexander C. Wroblicky
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church
Pittsburgh, PA