UGCC Bishops remind authorities about moral obligation to fight corruption

11 September 2015

In the traditional letter of greeting upon completion of the Synod to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk the Members of the Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church reminded “about the moral obligation of the Ukrainian authorities to fight corruption, which destroys public agencies.”

“The Church has always been the mother and helper of the poor,” goes letter, “orphans and vulnerable people. So we are trying to remind that along with the pressing need to conduct genuine and deep reform in Ukraine, the Government cannot forget the poor, the needy and those who are on the brink of survival in our country. Taking care of these people is our common task.

Separately we want to mention the moral obligation to the Ukrainian government to fight corruption, which destroys our public authorities. We are aware that we will not overcome this scourge solely through the efforts of the state without broad support by the Church and community. Being the mother and teacher of her people, the Church feels it her duty to support the struggle against the evil of corruption and rule of law in our country.”

Synod of Bishops also expressed to the Prime Minister the assurances of respect for him as a leader of the government of Ukraine. It is reported by Information Department of the UGCC.