Christ is in our midst!!

Let's remember our brothers and sisters in the Church in Need: people under persecution during this Holy Season and for much of the rest of the year. While we are opening presents and celebrating, whether on the Gregorian or Julian calendar, many are suffering as displaced persons in refugee camps or otherwise suffering for being followers of Our Lord.

There is a charity entitled "Aid to the Church in Need" that distributes aid to Christians around the world. A recent mailing asked for help for Christians who want to return to their homes on the Nineveh Plains. My understanding of their literature is that, though they are a Catholic charity, they help any and all Christians. (Their stats were the basis of a recent short video done by the Archons of the Ecumenical Throne that showed the reality of the persecution that follow our brethren around the world in 2017.)

I can give anyone the address in Brooklyn, NY, if there is interest in sending a donation.

Lord, bless and her mercy on our brothers and sisters by Baptism who are persecuted for the sake of Your Holy Name.