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I attempted to do just that, but your account has reached it limit for private messages, and I know no way to override that.

But you have accused your pastor on this forum, and he has no way to respond publically to your accusations. The Christian thing for YOU to do would have been to meet with him AGAIN accompanied by someone who shares your concerns.

As a moderator, I have the discretion to offer correction as I deem appropriate.

You are certainly free to report my post to the Administrator, and I will accept any correction he deems appropriate.

Now you're trying to justify your rude public behavior by blaming the condition of my forum in-box. No sale. If my in-box was truly full, all you had to do was post here, asking that I make room for your message and I would have done just that.

As a moderator you have the "discretion" to not approve/delete my posting. Why didn't you simply do that? It's almost as if you wanted to be rude.

In the end, you have no idea who I am, and you can only surmise who my pastor is. There's a level of anonymity that protects him -- you should have realized that. If others are able to deduce who is is, then they are doing it with the help of additional information from other sources.


Father Deacon John is correct that you had no business complaining about your pastor in a public forum. I support his comments.

At this point, I'll close this thread and invite anyone interested in this discussion to start fresh in a new thread.