Paid subscriptions to Theosis magazine, and voluntary stipends for the smartphone APP and daily email prayers, are not covering all our expenses for the work to compile, design, layout, and distribute these products. To continue offering them past August 2019, we are asking for sponsorships from our users and those who support these ministries. To sponsor a complete month of Theosis or the APP/email prayers, we ask for $500/month for each. If you can only afford a partial sponsorship, we will combine yours with others to reach our monthly goal. Sponsors will be listed in each product as a “thank you” for their generosity – unless requested to remain anonymous. I’m pleased to say we have one sponsor for the entire September issue of Theosis already! Many thanks to Robin Ann Jensen for her generosity and for encouraging this idea!

Please send checks to:
Eastern Christian Publications, PO Box 146, Fairfax, VA 22038-0146

Make a payment through our GoFundMe campaign:

Offer a one-time or monthly stipend on our website:

Without your support we cannot afford to continue to offer these services much longer. Thanks!

Jack Figel