Blessed Feast of the Assumption of the Mother of God Mary!

There are two icons that I find very interesting for this feast, one from the Byzantinian tradition and one from the Syriac tradition.

Christ is holding the soul of Mary, which is wrapped in a white burial cloth. White obviously denoting the purity and spotlessness of the Virgin Mary. The burial cloth points us back to the burial cloth of Christ, who at His death was also pure and spotless. This shows us that the Mother of God wanted to leave this world just like her Son. And this is a rejection of all those who say that because she fell asleep, then she couldn't have been spotless from the moment of conception -- Christ having saved her at the moment of her conception. This is the reason why He received her soul back in His hand immediately and then her body being assumed into Heaven without corruption, just like Christ's body didn't suffer corruption at His death.

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