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Thanks for sharing this. This is wonderful news!
This new century contains the millenial anniversary of the Great Schism (A.D. 2054) and the half-millenial anniversary of the schism of the West (A.D. 2017, anniversary of the posting of the 95 Theses).

It would be wonderful progress toward the healing of the latter if an invitation were extended to Bishop John Bradosky of the North American Lutheran Church. Bp. Brandosky and his party were warmly received by Pope Benedict last September.
Great News !!!
I've also heard from a local Orthodox priest here in Washington that Metropolitan Tikhon, newly elected primate of the OCA, will also attend the papal enthronement next week. These little things could be signs of greater ones to come! As I often say: "the Holy Spirit is working overtime!"
Thanks be to God!
Wonderful! We should all pray "without ceasing" for a humble re-unification in our time. The Catholics don't need to convert to Orthodoxy, and the Orthodox need not submit to Rome unilaterally. Both are the ancient lungs of the Body of Christ.
The Vatican this morning issued this news bulletin:

Tomorrow's inaugural Mass of Pope Francis will be concelebrated by all Cardinals present in Rome, the Patriarchs and Major Archbishops of the Eastern Catholic Churches, and the respective Superior General of the Franciscans and the Jesuits (as President and Vice President of the Union of Superior Generals.

The Gospel will be proclaimed and chanted in Greek, as at the highest solemnities, to show that the universal Church is made up of the great traditions of the East and the West!

Christian Churches and ecclesial communities have 33 delegations, topped by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I and the Armenian Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos Karekin II. The MP is sending Met. Hilarion.

The Jews are sending 16 delegations, including the Rabbinate of Israel. All other world religions are also represented, including the Muslims, the Hindus, the Buddhists, etc.

Thus far, 132 countries have their delegations in Rome.
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