Posted By: Stefan-Ivan Chicago Eparch falls asleep in the Lord - 08/17/16 09:54 AM
Most Rev. RICHARD Stephen Seminack, fourth eparch of the the St. Nicholas Eparchy of Chicago for Ukrainians, fell asleep in the Lord yesterday, August, 16, 2016. He had been ill with cancer for many months.

We are grateful for Vladyka's wise leadership and now ask his prayers for us before the Lord.

May his memory be eternal!

Memory Eternal!
Posted By: 70x7 Re: Chicago Eparch falls asleep in the Lord - 08/19/16 10:30 PM
Eternal be his memory.
Bishop RICHARD was a personal friend and confidant for over twenty years. He will be sorely missed. Memory eternal.
Posted By: Lawrence Re: Chicago Eparch falls asleep in the Lord - 09/08/16 10:24 AM

I once had an unusual incident with Bishop Richard. My girlfriend and I were at St Nicholas Cathedral on Palm Sunday about 5 or 6 years ago, and we were sitting back several rows at the 10am Ukrainian Liturgy. When we came up for communion I could clearly hear him speaking in Ukrainian, but when he got to us he suddenly spoke in English. Don't know how he knew.
Gift of Tongues, and Interpretation!
Lacking slavic features, perhaps
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