Eastern Christian Publicantions: Daily Email Prayers

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Eastern Christian Publicantions: Daily Email Prayers - 01/23/18 01:41 PM

Eastern Christian Publications now offers daily email prayer services -- Morning and Evening Prayer, The Hours, and Daily Vespers -- for FREE! To signup for this service just go to the BDO website page, create an account which gives us your email address for delivery of the prayers, and select one of the products found at:


If you are willing and can afford anything, we ask you to contribute to help us cover the cost of preparing and distributing these email prayers by signing up for the Monthly Stipend found on the same website page.

New FREE APP for iPhone

Eastern Christian Publications has also completed design and development of a smartphone app that is now available for FREE download in the Apple Store for all iOS devices and Google Play for Android. The name of the app is "ECPubs" -- just search for this in the stores and install.

It provides several unique features for Eastern Christians:

Saint of the Day -- Icons and Troparia with one touch
Java with Jesus -- daily reflection from a book of the same title
The Hours -- the same Hours provided by email, changed each day
Daily Vespers -- the Propers, Reader Service and Clergy version with all changeable parts
Sunday Bulletin -- icon and text commentary for the week
Theosis Magazine -- the ezine version of our monthly magazine
Book of the Month -- a short description of a book from our catalog
Intro to Prayer -- an explanation of the Byzantine Daily Office
Websites -- links to all of our websites

Please pass this information on to your friends, relatives and fellow parishioners. We hope this will encourage more people to pray daily by providing an easy method to follow the Byzantine Daily Office tradition.

We are also working on an app for OLTV that will provide free access to audios and videos produced by the Orientale Lumen Foundation including liturgies, lectures, plenary sessions, concert tour music, and special events. We also hope to create a Q&A type format from our archive of lectures that will be relevant for millennials and other younger generation faithful. Watch this space for more updates in the near future!
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Re: Eastern Christian Publicantions: Daily Email Prayers - 02/18/18 12:49 AM

Thank you brethren. Interesting site and app..
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Re: Eastern Christian Publicantions: Daily Email Prayers - 02/19/18 02:46 AM

I've seen this service before and even signed up for it back when you had to pay for it. One challenge I wish I could overcome: how can I learn to chant/sing these prayers? In the West it's usually pretty easy to find a breviary with tones in it. I really prefer to chant this sort of prayer than just read it. Any suggestions?
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Re: Eastern Christian Publicantions: Daily Email Prayers - 02/25/18 12:23 AM

There are audio CD versions of Morning Prayer, the Sixth Hour and Evening Prayer, all with seven versions (one for each day of the week), and with a seminarian chanting the words. They are available for purchase on our website:


And these same recordings are available on iTunes for download and replay. Search for "Byzantine Daily Office".

These recordings do not have the exact changeable parts, day by day, but use common hymns appropriate for each day of the week.

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Re: Eastern Christian Publicantions: Daily Email Prayers - 02/26/18 04:08 PM

Thank you very much, Jack. That's exactly the resource I was looking for. Слава Ісусу Христу!
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