Ուր ես, Մայր իմ (Ur es mayr im)/ Mother, where are you?

Armenian lyrics (in Latin characters):

Oor es mayr eem kaghtsur yev anoush, ser dznogheet zees ayreh.

Lutsan ack eem tarun ardasvok, voch zok ouneem vor srpeh.

Tchour khntretsee, katsakh arpee hanoreenats tseraneh.

English translation:

Where are you my most sweet mother? Your motherly love do I seek fervently.

My eyes are full of bitter tears, I have nobody to wipe them off.

I asked for a drink of water, but the wicked gave me vinegar instead.

Interpretations aviable in www.youtube.com:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQhh12bPDy4&feature=related (by Fr. Hayr Verouyr Demirjian)

Could any of you tell us to which office does this wonderful hymn belong?
Blessed Lent to everyone!
F. J. García B.

I messaged my friend and brother, Subdeacon Lazarus. He is, I think, our only active Armenian member. I'm hoping that he can answer your question.

Many years,


Sorry for the very late reply. My email changed and I did not get this message.

The hymn "Oor es Mayr eem" (Where are you my mother) is sung most solemnly on the eve of Great Friday. It is meant to evoke what is believed were the emotions of our Lord for His mother during His voluntary passion and crucifixion.

Trusting in Christ's Inextinguishable Light,
Rev. S. Dn. Lazarus Der-Ghazarian
Armenian Catholic Eparchy of Our Lady of Nareg
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