Name this Doxology ...

Posted By: TonyM

Name this Doxology ... - 05/12/17 10:50 PM

A very delightful doxology, which seems to be common in Ukrainian Catholic parishes, can be heard at 6:46 here:


Would anyone know where to find the sheet music for this?

In this clip it is sung by parishioners at Descent of the Holy Spirit Ukrainian Catholic Church, S. Deerfield, MA.

I presume it is a 'doxology'....
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Re: Name this Doxology ... - 05/12/17 11:16 PM

If you buy the Ukrainian Catholic Anthology, it has the sheet music in it. I didn't find any online in my quick search but if you want to try, search Ukrainian Catholic liturgy music or something along those lines. If all else fails, email that choir director or another one since they would know because it's a very common style
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Re: Name this Doxology ... - 05/13/17 01:36 PM

This Ukrainian chant of the doxology and Hymn of the Incarnation (aka Hymn of the Only-begotten Son) has been and is used commonly by the BCC (Ruthenian church). As presently used there it is available (MCI site) as a pdf in The People's Book; see pages 18-19.
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Re: Name this Doxology ... - 05/18/17 02:12 AM

Thank you, that is very helpful!

The MCI website is a great resource but I can't find the "People's Prayer Book" anywhere at that link. Any idea how to find it?
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Re: Name this Doxology ... - 05/18/17 02:33 AM

Originally Posted by ajk
The People's Book; see pages 18-19.
Links don't stand out in this new forum format. This is the direct link, that is, this is a link, click on it, as it was in my previous message ==> The People's Book. Or on the MCI link, that is, go to that link, to the MCI site, and click on the word PDF in:

The Divine Liturgies of our Holy Fathers John Chrysostom and Basil the Great (2006, 467 pages; PDF (21 mb))
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