Tone for Synaxarion Verses?

Posted By: Thomas the Seeker

Tone for Synaxarion Verses? - 05/22/17 03:09 PM

The Holy Transfiguration monthly Menaion does not indicate a particular tone for the verses that appear in the daily Synaxarion.

Is there any general rule? For example, yesterday (May 21) the verses for Sts. Constantine and Helen "felt" like Tone 7 so that is how I chanted them.

The advise of senior chanters would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: ast82401

Re: Tone for Synaxarion Verses? - 05/22/17 03:32 PM

I always do Galician tone 1 if there's none listed cause I know that one best and its my favorite. But consult the OCA website they normally have it listed. If not there then look up the tropar for that saint and just chant that tone
Posted By: akemner

Re: Tone for Synaxarion Verses? - 06/01/17 07:24 PM

They are just read. Usually I have heard them spoken, but I suppose they could be read tono recto, or to the epistle tone.
Posted By: Diak

Re: Tone for Synaxarion Verses? - 08/11/17 04:49 PM

These can be chanted simply, recto tono. Even in monasteries they are sometimes read and not even chanted recto tono.
Posted By: 70x7

Re: Tone for Synaxarion Verses? - 10/09/17 05:13 PM

The Synaxarion is nothing more than biographical information on the saint(s) of the day. I never heard of it being chanted anywhere.
Posted By: Protopappas76

Re: Tone for Synaxarion Verses? - 10/25/17 10:19 PM

According to Vaporis the synaxarion is to be simply read. In our monastery as in every other one I have visited, the synaxarion is simply read. I have never heard of any other practice.
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