Welcome to Books Reorganized

Posted By: theophan

Welcome to Books Reorganized - 02/08/08 01:43 AM

Brothers and Sisters:

I've been asked to assume the duties as moderator of this portion of the forum because it has seemed to slip from the way it was supposed to work.

I've been asked to re-establish the format and I ask that it be strictly observed.

Welcome to Books. This subforum is devoted to discussing specific books regarding our Church, the lives of saints, and spirituality.

Topics are requested to be done in the following format for ease of future search and reference:

Thread title should be in the format of "Author Name: Book Title"
One topic thread per book

Please comment or recommend on books you have read or would recommend to others.

If you wish to ask for specific guidance toward books, please post those requests in another portion of the forum related to your area of inquiry. Faith based questions should be posted in the general Faith & Worship section; Scripture questions in the Scripture & Patristic Writings; with all other inquiries being posted in Town Hall.


Posted By: Father Anthony

Re: Welcome to Books Reorganized - 05/16/09 10:21 PM

From this point on, the “Books” section will become a sub-forum of the Faith & Worship forum. The administrators have evaluated the traffic and utilization of each of the general forum sections, and this section has generated the least interest in the three years of its existence. There were five non-Faith & Worship related single post threads that have been moved to the Town Hall section. The remaining threads and posts will comprise this new sub-forum.

Alice, Theophan, and Father Deacon Ed will be the moderators now for this sub-forum since it rests in the domain of Faith and Worship.

All posters are reminded of the rules for properly utilizing this section:
Discuss specific books only. One thread per book. Thread title should be in the format of "Author's Name: Book Title". This is not a general inquiry forum section as to where to obtain certain books or sell them.

Any other posts regarding books, such as inquiries should be posted in the appropriate forum section as outlined in Theophan's post above.

Father Anthony+
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