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See my good friend David Koyzis' excellent review of Philip Jenkin's new book, The Lost History of Christianity: T...East, Africa, and Asia-and How It Died David says "this must-read book by Philip Jenkins tells the story of a once-thriving Christian world that most westerners don't even know existed." These Churches are often called the Oriental Orthodox; they are neither Roman Catholic or Byzantine Orthodox, but maintain a semitic mind set and theological expression. They are based in Ethiopia, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Armenia, Iraq, Iran, and India. At one time, the Catholicos (Patriarch) of Babylon presided over 25% of the Christians in the world. They have known many catastrophes and persecutions, and this book is very timely now, given the current tribulation the Church is undergoing in Iraq, Egypt and other places.

A Forgotten Golden Age, by David T. Koyzis
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I pray that the Oriental Churches may have the renascence they so richly deserve...
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Hmm. I will have to add this to my reading list . . .
Posted By: Michael_Thoma Re: A Forgotten Golden Age - 02/22/09 12:40 AM
I will have to pick this one up - I hope David explains his reasoning as to how he includes the Church(es) of Babylon and her Catholicoi-Patriarchs in the Oriental Orthodox Communion.
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Michael, that is my fault, I wrote the paragraph in my post, I don't think David includes Babylon in the Oriental Orthodox. But he discusses all of these Eastern Churches who are not Roman or Byzantine together.
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Christ is in our midst!! He is and always will be!!

By the Church of Babylon is the author referring to the Church of the East? If so, is it outside the three categories we usually refer to?

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