Inflammatory books and links

Posted By: theophan

Inflammatory books and links - 03/27/09 07:30 PM

Christ is in our midst!! He is and always will be!!

I decided to delete the previous book and its link because I felt it was not an edifying book or link. I had followed the link to its internet source and believe it to be inflammatory both to our Catholic and Orthodox brethren here.

This forum section is reserved for books that will build up and nourish the members. I am asking all members to respect this when they recommend books in this section.

Posted By: theophan

Re: Inflammatory books and links - 01/30/15 07:55 PM

Practices of Self & Spiritual Practices: Foucault & EC Discourse

I deleted the book entry for the above book for the reason I cited at the original thread for the reason posted there and in the post above.

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