Posted By: Brother Seraphim Svit Prayer Book - 05/01/17 10:04 AM
I am wondering if anyone might possibly have some insight about the Svit prayer book. Is it pretty much quite similar to the Jordanville Prayer Book?
Posted By: Mark R Re: Svit Prayer Book - 05/02/17 06:28 AM
I use it, and I sometimes use the Jordanville online. The morning prayer section of Svit is more similar than the evening prayer section. Evening prayer omits, I think, one prayer that would be in Jordanville and adds an entirely different prayer of its own. I know the English translation is obsolete in the OCA, but for Slavonic learners it is wonderful since it used the actual church-style font without the usual abbreviations. I am not too familiar with other sections of either book since I don't use them for any other purpose besides occasional akathists and the Paschal hours. Svit has the top few akathists, the Divine LIturgy, the basics of the Vigil, the eight tones, the propers for feasts, communion prayers, the Paschal canon...much as I think are in the Jordanville.
If one knows enough Russian and have had some exposure to Church Slavonic, one can understand most of the morning and evening prayers in Church Slavonic in less than a year's use. I do not use the Slavonic all the time; I alternate as a kind of pedagogical method. Why Slavonic at all? I was a bit of a language nerd once and the church I attend uses mostly Slavonic and Slavonic frees me from the confusion of various and frequent "englishing" of what should be stable texts. I hold no fetish for Slavonic as would some Latins for Latin -- Latin is a good language too and I have unsuccessfully tried to keep up my Latin as well.
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