Book Reprints for the Vatican

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Book Reprints for the Vatican - 04/24/18 05:48 PM

Vatican Commissions Eastern Christian Publications to Reprint Greek Liturgical Texts

Fairfax, Virginia – The Congregation for Eastern Churches in the Vatican recently authorized Eastern Christian Publications (ECP) to scan and reprint a four-volume series of liturgical texts in Greek known as the Anthologion. The original books, published from 1967 to 1980, are now out of print and unavailable. They contain the complete texts for Matins, Vespers, Compline and other daily services along with all the changeable parts for the four major seasons of the liturgical year and the saint-of-day for those same periods. They are:

• Volume I: September 1 through the beginning of Lent (1688 pages)
• Volume II: January 15 through Lent and Holy Week (1624 pages)
• Volume III: Pascha through June 30 (1032 pages)
• Volume IV: All Saints’ Sunday through August 31 (1224 pages)

An original copy has been provided to ECP by the Congregation from their archives for high-resolution scanning and cleaning. The final printed editions will be enhanced and slightly enlarged. The books will be offered on a “print-on-demand” basis in either unbound folios or with hard-back binding. Orders will take 6-8 weeks to manufacture and deliver.

Mr. Jack Figel, publisher, said, “we are very honored that the Holy See has recognized our ability to make historical reprints of valuable books, and has entrusted us with this important project.” Previously, ECP reprinted the 1639 Liturgiarion of Saint Peter Mohyla in Kiev, the 1894 Divine Liturgies in Greek and English edited by J. N. W. B. Robertson published in London, and seven volumes (re-organized into twelve volumes for the reprint) of the Ruthenian Recension, the scripture and liturgical texts in Church Slavonic published by the Vatican from 1944 to 1973 for the Ukrainian and Ruthenian Catholic Churches.

ECP has published over 200 titles since starting in 1993 including 20 volumes of the Eastern Churches Journal, 6 years of Theosis magazine (a full-color monthly publication of spiritual essays and the Byzantine calendar), and color Sunday bulletin covers for over 250 parishes across the US and Canada. Book subjects cover the history, theology, spirituality, ecumenism, biographies, and liturgy of the Eastern Christian Churches, both Catholic and Orthodox. ECP also provides a daily email prayer service for The Hours and Daily Vespers of the Byzantine Daily Office, and a smartphone app called ECPubs available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

More details and online ordering is available at www.ecpubs.com or by calling 703-691-8862.
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Re: Book Reprints for the Vatican - 04/25/18 01:22 PM

Jack, this is good news. Something else that was not available in the past is Volume 1 of the four volume Volgata Trebnik. I was able to get volumes 2-4 but not volume 1. I know you have done the Ruthenian Mali Trebnik but it only has a selection of the most essential services.
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Re: Book Reprints for the Vatican - 04/26/18 09:11 PM

Tony, I do have one set left of the Mohyla Trebnik that I printed from scanned images brought to me by the seminarian from Uzhorod. It's a four volume set of the 1646 edition with over 1600 pages, so I suspect it's pretty complete! Jack
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Re: Book Reprints for the Vatican - 04/26/18 10:49 PM

Jack, I don't think it's the Mohyla Trebnik but I'll have to check. It's a Roman, Vatican edition, if I recall correctly.
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Re: Book Reprints for the Vatican - 04/27/18 01:37 PM

Right, I was not suggesting the Mohyla edition was the Vatican Volgata edition. I was just pointing out that I have a complete more expansive Trebnyk than the Ruthenian Recension if you were looking for one. Jack
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Re: Book Reprints for the Vatican - 04/27/18 02:42 PM

I just wanted to put in a plug for another possible out-of-print republishing opportunity. Since only Vol. 1 is not available, I'm presuming it was the most in demand (and, I've been wanting to complete my set). Thanks for the other info.
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Re: Book Reprints for the Vatican - 07/27/18 10:59 AM

If I ever win big on the Lottery...
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