St. Ignatius Orthodox Press/Legacy Icons is crowd sourcing to produce an Eastern Christian Brevity.
You can find the website online by searchng "Indiegogo" and "Anthology of Prayer"

I have copied and pasted the relevant information from their website here below:

The Church's cycle of daily prayers is for everyone, and predates every prayer book. We know from ancient sources that for large portions of the Church's history, it was expected that everyday Christians would pray the Daily Office at home or at church: Matins, the Hours, and Vespers. But with few parish churches today offering anything close to a daily cycle of services, the serious layman must maintain the prayers at home.

The Book of Hours (Horologion) is available from other publishers, but we have found that none really incorporate the Church's liturgical cycles into the prayers, rather offering only the basic frameworks. Yet in her wisdom, the Church has found a certain amount of variety is needed to bring richness to the prayers, keeping the Daily Office from becoming stale and difficult to maintain.

The challenge is this:

A single book offers very little of the variation of the Church's liturgical cycles.
A complete liturgical library is beyond the means of most ordinary people.
We need something in between these two extremes. And the Church offers it: a book called the Anthologion. Before the rise of cheap publishing, many parishes only owned this single book, which offered an anthology, or simplified selection, of the full body of Church hymns. In modern times this text has fallen out of use, but it is an ideal solution for the ordinary Christian at home.

Essentially similar to the Breviary of Western Christianity, the Anthology of Prayer (Anthologion) is a simplified selection of the Church's liturgical texts, designed so any person, with just a little study, could maintain the daily cycle of prayers at home, with its fundamental daily variations: the 8-week tone cycle, major feast days, and the Lenten and Paschal seasons.

We think the Anthology of Prayer is the golden mean, accessible to all and offering a great amount of flexibility and rich variety for the development of one's prayer life, while keeping traditional and firmly-established borders and frameworks, avoiding the fragmentation of our common prayer that comes about through a great variety of books.

Our basic desire was to enable the ordinary Christian to carry on a form of the Church's prayers with only a single small book. We think we have accomplished this, with God's help.

These are subject to change, but this is our current intention:

Over 900 pages of sacred prayers, scriptures, and hymns, comprising the basic bedrock of Orthodox prayer and worship, including:

The Horologion (Book of Hours), with all Lenten variations for year-round use
The Octoechos (Book of Eight Tones), the daily hymns and prayers of the fundamental 8-week cycle
The General Menaion (Feast day services), hymns and prayers of the yearly cycle
Selections from the Triodion and Pentecostarion, hymns and prayers of the Lent-Pascha cycle
4x6 inch leather-bound softcover with sewn binding – truly pocket size
Two-tone red and black printing – readable text with a specially-selected font for smaller type sizes
Four ribbon bookmarks
Designed for Pan-Orthodox use
Abundant supporting material and clear instructions – with a little initiative and study, anyone can carry on the prayers of the Church in any circumstances with just a single book

What translation are you using?
Texts are in a formal style of modern English, like our Gospel, Apostle, and Prophetologion. Most liturgical texts translated by Archimandrite Ephrem Lash. General Menaion texts translated by Nicolas Orloff. Old Testament scriptures from the Prophetologion by Saint Ignatius Orthodox Press. New Testament scriptures from the Eastern/Greek Orthodox Bible (EOB) by Archpriest Laurent Cleenewerck, ed. Texts edited for style and uniformity and adapted for use as reader services by Reader John Dykstra.

Can these prayers be done without a priest?
Yes, the services are set up as reader services, intended for lay use. Prayers and litanies proper to the priest and deacon are included in an appendix, so they can be used that way if clergy are present.

What we need
We are seeking $10,000 to have 2,000 copies of the Anthology printed. 90% goes to hard printing costs, and the rest will offset Indiegogo's processing fees and enable us to finish up the last stage of editing.
Christ is in our midst!!


What do you mean by
Texts are in a formal style of modern English

Is this Standard English or some form of what has been termed "Inclusive Language"?

There is a big difference. When Archimandrite Robert Taft, S.J., of thrice blessed memory, proposed a common translation of liturgical texts for Byzantine Christians--both Eastern Catholic and Orthodox--the use of feminized English was a nonstarter for the Orthodox, according to an interview he did.

Originally Posted by theophan
Christ is in our midst!!


What do you mean by
Texts are in a formal style of modern English

Is this Standard English or some form of what has been termed "Inclusive Language"?

There is a big difference. When Archimandrite Robert Taft, S.J., of thrice blessed memory, proposed a common translation of liturgical texts for Byzantine Christians--both Eastern Catholic and Orthodox--the use of feminized English was a nonstarter for the Orthodox, according to an interview he did.


They do not use inclusive language. By modern he means no thees or thous.
Thank you.
Here is an update from St. Ignatius Orthodox Press on the Anthology of Prayer for those who don't receive email updates:

Our feedback, both among contributors and in real-world testing we have done, has led us to increase the page size slightly, from 4x6 to 4.5x7 inches (10x15 to 12x18 cm). This is the size of standard "pocket size" Bibles, and we think this will work out very well. We expect a thickness of slightly under 1 inch (2 cm). The increase in page size has also enabled us to increase the font size by 1 point, to 11.

Since we have surpassed our $10,000 goal, we decided to expand the contents of the book as well, adding about 60 pages including the following:

Pre- and Post-Communion Prayers
Pre- and Post-Confession Prayers
Traditional Morning and Evening Prayers
Prayers for various needs
Scripture Lectionary
Additional texts for Great Lent
For those who might feel intimidated by the "liturgical" orientation of the Anthologion, we hope these additions will help ease them into familiarity with the prayers of the Church.

It has been an intense and exhausting two weeks working round-the-clock on these changes, but we are very pleased with how it turned out.

We are looking at some other upgrades for material and packaging, which we will announce as the parameters are finalized.

Thank you once again for your interest and support for our project. Once again, be sure to verify your credit if you want to change how your name will appear. God bless you!
This sounds just amazing but my fear is it will be too big/thick to be easily portable! The thicker the volume, the easier pages fold onto themselves when tossed into a bag on the go.
God bless the work of your hands! Any idea of the cost and when the Anthologion may be available to the public?
Economos Romanos V. Russo,

If the comment "God bless the work of your hands!" was directed at me, than it is misdirected. Other than participating in the fundraising efforts, I have no part or inside knowledge of the project. I am just high interested in the Anthology of Prayer.

No price has been listed yet. They have similar crowd-sourced books (3) that currently cost $25, $30 and $38 respectively. This book is supposed to be of a bit higher quality than those three offerings, so I am guessing (and it is only a guess) that the final product will in the 35-60 dollars range? But St. Ignatius Press has raised more funds than they initially anticipated, so we shall see.

As for when it will be publicly available, St. Ignatius/Legacy Icons is trying to have it available prior to Orthodox Pascha on May 2nd of this year. And they list on their fundraising page releasing the book sometime in April. So for those of us who celebrate Pascha on April 4th this year, it probably won't be available by then.

As an aside, I did purchase the "Hours of Prayer" by ACROD. It is spiral bound and contains a decent abbreviation of the hours using their interesting translation. Was this the Byzantine Archeparchy's translation prior to the one currently in use?

It contains the Tropar/Kontar of Sundays, Weekdays, the 12th Great Feasts, the Lenten/Pascha series starting with the Publican and Pharisee and going past Pentecost to the Sunday of all Saints. It cost roughly 20 dollars. It will hold me over until either the Publican Prayer book or the Anthology is in my hands.

Happy Candlemass to all and Merry Christmas (as in my personal reckoning the season and tree remain until the leave-taking of the Meeting of the Lord in the Temple which this year falls on 2/5/21.) A blessed preparation for the Great Fast as well.
Just keep me posted! Thanks.
Here is another update:

A quick update for our wonderful supporters!

We are continuing to work with the printer on our material selections. We should be receiving a blank "dummy" book with our selected paper stock and choices for evaluation in the near future, as well as cover material samples to make our final selections.

Because of the incredible response to the project, we have decided to give our contributors a special gift: everyone who has already contributed to the perk level of $100 or more will receive a genuine lambskin leather cover instead of the standard bonded leather cover. This is the ultimate in quality and durability, and it's our way of thanking you for going far beyond expectations with your contributions.

The genuine leather cover will only be available to our IndieGoGo supporters, and will not be available for purchase after the campaign concludes.

Genuine leather is expensive (by comparison, lambskin Bibles are typically priced at well over $100), so we are limiting this option to 200 copies. At the time of this post, 157 copies have been spoken for, so that leaves 43 available to be claimed.

We'll post another update when our samples come in. We are also checking into an update on our delivery dates. At this point early May seems more likely, but we'll continue keeping you informed.
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