Daily Divine Liturgy

Posted By: Sub-Deacon Ghazaros

Daily Divine Liturgy - 04/18/09 06:33 PM

Christ is Risen!

Dear Brethren of the Byzantine Forum:

In Armenian Orthodox Tradition, the Divine Liturgy is only offered in parishes on Sundays and major feasts. I.e., we do not have daily offerings of the Holy Sacrifice. I'd like to know what is the practice of other Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches. I'm familiar with the Latin Church's practice. I'm just looking for short remarks as I don't have time to read long posts. Thanks for any thoughts you can provide.

"That we may know Him and the power of His Resurrection" (Phil. 3:10),
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Sub-Deacon Lazarus / Ghazaros Der-Ghazarian,
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Posted By: CRW

Re: Daily Divine Liturgy - 04/20/09 07:38 PM

My impression is that in the BCC and the UGCC it is common to find the DL served daily - often for the faithful departed.
Posted By: Fr Serge Keleher

Re: Daily Divine Liturgy - 04/20/09 07:58 PM

The Russian Church and the Ukrainian Churches tend to encourage daily celebrations. So do some of the monasteries on Mount Athos in particular.

Fr. Serge
Posted By: Irish Melkite

Re: Daily Divine Liturgy - 04/21/09 09:35 AM

Christos haryav i mérélotz ; orhnyal é haroutiounen Christossi

My dear friend, always good to see a post by you. Prayers that you and your family are well.

At least in the US, daily Divine Liturgy is the exception rather than the rule among the Melkites; the same is true for Armenian Catholics, but you're likely aware of that.

I believe that it's relatively common among the Maronites.

Many years,

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