Article on Carpatho-Rusyn Saints

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Article on Carpatho-Rusyn Saints - 05/21/14 08:55 AM

I don't know exactly where this belongs, but I thought to put it here for starters.

On the website of the UOC-MP: www.orthodox.org.ua there is an article about the 14 Carpatho-Rusyn Saints and how well they are known and venerated. The author, a Carpatho-Rusyn priest, mentions that there isn't a lot of literature on their lives.

He also makes the statement I found surprising that the Carpatho-Rusyn icon of Maria-Povch isn't formally included in the Orthodox calendar as a Miraculous icon (?).

He writes this as a way to raise questions and awareness of the issues and perhaps to begin the process of redress.

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Re: Article on Carpatho-Rusyn Saints - 05/21/14 10:22 AM

What do you mean--we ALL know Saint Nicholas was a Rusnak! grin

I presume this was the article you are referencing:


The situation isn't much different among the Orthodox Carpatho-Rusyns in the US. There isn't much popular devotion to the Carpatho-Rusyn saints.

With regard to the Máriapócs icon, I think there is some "guilt by association" at play, given that it wept subsequent to the Union, that the shrine is Greek Catholic, and that it is located in Hungary. However, there is no stigma attached to the icon in ACROD, and our late Metropolitan Nicholas was the first Orthodox hierarch to visit the icon. A copy of the icon is also enshrined in the church at Camp Nazareth.

Fr. David
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Re: Article on Carpatho-Rusyn Saints - 05/21/14 10:38 AM

Last year, in an effort to further knowledge of these saints, I created the following hand-out. It was distributed on the Second Sunday after Pentecost.

The Saints of Carpatho-Rus

Fr. David
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Re: Article on Carpatho-Rusyn Saints - 05/21/14 12:59 PM

Just speaking for myself, for the Orthodox Rusyns in the United States, I would encourage a serious review and dedication to the life and great struggles of a great Rusyn American priest and hierarch - both before, after and during his years as an Orthodox Christian - the late Metropolitan Orestes of Bridgeport. May he intercede for us and protect our families here and remaining in the old world during these times of great turmoil once again. Christos Voskrese!
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Re: Article on Carpatho-Rusyn Saints - 05/22/14 01:35 AM

Try to find any Slovak saints, the only one or ones I can find were actually Magyars or Germans. Seems like the Slavs gor short changes when it comes to saints!
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Re: Article on Carpatho-Rusyn Saints - 05/22/14 08:29 AM

Bless Father!

That is so very wonderful! Thank you for your insights and, yes, that is exactly the article.

Kissing your right hand, I again implore your blessing,

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