(Jumping up and down like a five year old)

Is it here yet?? Is it here yet?? Is it here yet??

At the end of September, it was said that it would be available in several months:

*impatient groan*

....Is it here NOW??

grin grin grin

(Ok, end of five year old routine.)

Thanks for the update.
Another update/rumor: Someone on Facebook says that it is now "at the printer".
Wow, they really are taking their time with the English translation, aren't they?

One could have learned to read Ukrainian in that time . . .


The Catechism has arrived!

It can now be ordered here!
thank you for the update!
"Christ Our Pascha" can be ordered at:

Byzantine Church Supplies Store
810 N. Franklin Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123

In the store, you will find books, icons, crosses, Christian incense, church supplies, various linens, priest's vestments, and more!

Business Hours:
M-F 9:30am-4:00pm

Telephone: 215-627-0660

E-mail: byzsupplies@yahoo.com


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