Need for Deacons

Posted By: Deacon El

Need for Deacons - 11/07/14 02:31 PM

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Great article on the need for deacons. Applies equally to Eastern Catholic Churches and Roman Catholic Church, in addition to the Orthodox Churches mentioned in the article.


My prayers are with you,
Father Deacon El
Posted By: rome1453

Re: Need for Deacons - 11/08/14 09:39 AM

I read this article too. I only took offense to the term 'lay deacon'. This is coming from Greek Orthodox. Other than that a great read.
Posted By: Orthodox Catholic

Re: Need for Deacons - 11/08/14 11:11 PM

Dear Father Deacon,


When he knows only you can be of help, I'm sure your parish priest loves to tell parishioners to "go to El!"

Sorry - haven't said that in a few years . . .

Posted By: Messdiener

Re: Need for Deacons - 11/09/14 12:56 AM

Wonderful article! Thank you for sharing.

On a slightly tangential note, is there any similar level of support for men to devote themselves to ministry through the 'minor' clerical ministries (reader, subdeacon, etc.), whether in the Catholic or Orthodox Churches?
Posted By: rome1453

Re: Need for Deacons - 11/09/14 03:53 AM

In the Russian tradition orthodox churches there is a use and need for the minor orders. Subdeacons are used with bishops and readers are utilised for their service.
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