About prayer when travelling

Posted By: The Nikonian

About prayer when travelling - 04/19/19 01:49 AM

when you are abroad and it is not possible to prayer your usual prayer rule how should i pray?
Is there a prayer rule for when travelling or when abroad?
Posted By: Our Lady's slave

Re: About prayer when travelling - 04/19/19 12:51 PM

This is very much an 'ask your priest for his guidance' question
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Re: About prayer when travelling - 04/19/19 01:01 PM

Agree that this is a good question for your pastor.

Generally speaking, though, the Lord does not expect us to do things we cannot do.

I'd recommend setting aside at least a few minutes of dedicated time for prayer - even if it's just 15 minutes. And if you have no Bible or prayer book with you, just pray the Jesus Prayer.

LOL - I remember the story of the young woman with 5 children asking her pastor how long she should set aside for prayer each day. The priest looked over her 5 rambunctious children and responded "Five minutes".
Posted By: theophan

Re: About prayer when travelling - 04/23/19 12:09 AM

Christ is Risen!!

I agree that this is a question for your pastor or spiritual father.

For my part, I have memorized my own prayer rule and have found it useful to pray a part of it whenever time permits over the course of the day. I always seem to find time to fill a few minutes here and there. I take the idea that my prayer rule is a constant conversation with Our Lord. So why can I not say something to Him when I am driving to work? Or pray when I am traveling for business and find myself alone eating in a restaurant? And I always make use of the Jesus Prayer--I don't try for any great things; I just remember that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Another suggestion that I've been given is that the Lord knows my intention. So if I ask Him to remember my usual intentions--the people I intercede for, the contrition I offer daily, the thanksgivings I make--He will fill in what I may not have the time to fill out completely. He blesses the struggle, I've been told, and that gives me hope.
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