Maronite Prayer Book?

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Maronite Prayer Book? - 08/05/04 01:21 PM

Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was a prayer book that Maronite Cathlics use? I am familiar with the Eastern Orthodox Prayer books as well as the Coptic Orthodox Agpeya, but I did not know if there was one that was more specific to the Maronites. I live rather near a Maronite mission and I will probobly visit soon, so I would like to be a little more familiar with their prayers.

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Re: Maronite Prayer Book? - 08/05/04 01:54 PM

Eyes of the Heart: A Short Maronite Prayer of the Faithful - is a shortened version of the 3 volumes of evening (Ramsho)- morning (Safro) prayers, psalms, hymns and readings. This attractive, one volume, user-friendly text provides Sunday prayers for the six seasons: Announcement, Epiphany, Lent, Resurrection After Pentecost and Holy Cross. The Commons for weekday include Monday of the Angels to Saturday of Faithful Departed, as well as the Calendar of saints to honor their feasts. Available through The Maronite Voice @ $5.00 plus shipping and handling.

Order here:http://www.stmaron.org/html/form.html
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Re: Maronite Prayer Book? - 08/05/04 02:02 PM

Thanks a lot deacon lance! I will definatly have to check that out! Is there anything else that anyone would sugest that I know before visiting? Anything a little different there?

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Re: Maronite Prayer Book? - 08/06/04 12:37 AM


I don't know where you live and which mission you are referring to, but I have visited the one in Tampa a few times (6:30 pm Sat. at St. Mary's). They are developing and growing and working toward getting their own facilities.

An acquaintance (Roman Catholic) bought some books at a yard sale at the local Byzantine Catholic church -- a whole box full for $1. He gave me the Cedars of Lebanon Hymnal (which has been out of print) and the Qurbono (liturgy) for the entire year, English language edition, the large one prepared for the use of the celebrant.

I am a convert from protestantism to the Roman rite but am attending the Byzantine Divine Liturgy every Sunday.

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Re: Maronite Prayer Book? - 08/06/04 12:10 PM

Actually, I do live in Tampa! Indeed the mission I was refering to is the one at St. Mary's. Thanks for the info! Oh, out of curiosity, which Byzantine Church did your friend get the books at? Was it St. Anne in New Port Ritchey? That is the only Byzanitne church that I know that is relatively close to Tampa, along with two more in St. Petersburg (one Ukranian, and the other I cannot remember). Is there another one actually in Tampa that I do not know about? If so that would be great because the others are a good drive for me! LOL

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Re: Maronite Prayer Book? - 08/06/04 12:43 PM


Here's a list for Florida - it may be a bit dated - but is usually relatively accurate:

Unofficial Directory of Eastern Churches - Florida

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Re: Maronite Prayer Book? - 08/07/04 12:10 AM


The church I am attending is St. Therese Byzantine Catholic Church, 13th Ave N & 43rd St. in St. Petersburg. www.sttherese-byzantine.com
Divine Liturgy is in English at 9:00. This is the "Ruthenian" (Eparchy of Passaic).

Epiphany of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church is on 90th Ave N just west of 4th St. in St. Petersburg. They have English liturgy at 8:30 (recited as there evidently has not been developed and disseminated a good chant in English among the Ukrainians) and at 10:00 in Ukrainian. They have a web site also.

Both churches have coffee hour after the liturgy. The Ukrainian at 10:00 is chanted very well, cantor is in his 90s.

From Tampa, the Ukrainian is VERY close to the 4th St. exit of I-275 or the Gandy bridge. St. Therese isn't far from the 22nd Ave N exit of 275.

The Maronite mission at St. Mary's on Sat. eve. has more Arabic than English, but the priest decides on the proportions allotted to each language on the spot according to the attendance that evening. They are also very friendly and usually have a social time after the liturgy.

The books were at a yard sale at St. Therese about a year ago. Perhaps Fr. Simon or somebody else down here in the winter had had them.

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Re: Maronite Prayer Book? - 08/09/04 12:58 AM

If you are really lucky, perhaps you can find the Maronite Divine Office "Prayer of the Faithful" in three beatiful volumes, I got a set on eBay several years ago, and this gives you the complete office: Ramsho, Safro and Sootoro.

The Malankara Church also has the 4-volume "Prayer with the harp of the spirit" If you go to bookfinder.com and type in Francis Acharya, he was the editor, it is also called "The crown of the year" and this set gives the complete night office, which is absent in the Maronite volumes.

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