Posted By: Chtec Monthly Menaion in Slavonic - 11/09/04 01:32 AM
Does anyone know if the Monthly Menaion (for every day, not just feasts) in Slavonic is online? I have found the Festal Menaion (Праздничная Минея) and the General Menaion (Общая Минея), but I have had no luck finding the Monthly Menaion (Минея месячная). (It is online in Greek, but not in Slavonic.)

If someone has the Slavonic Menaion in hard copy and would be willing to photocopy a few pages for me, please PM me.


Posted By: Jim Re: Monthly Menaion in Slavonic - 11/09/04 03:26 PM
I sure hope someone has an answer for you on this one. Last I knew, the monthly menaion was usually a 12 volume set of books costing big bucks, and that was just for English. (See St. John of Kronstadt Press.)I bought the English one for March (was available in hardbound only at the time) for about $70.
Posted By: akemner Re: Monthly Menaion in Slavonic - 11/10/04 12:01 AM
Ther is another Menaion in English, published by the Melkites, and it is much cheaper, i think $14 per volume. Of course i do not think it has everything that the SToKP Menaion has, but that edition is almost ridiculous (i mean this in a happy way) what it contains (basically, it has material to have a major celebration everyday, and is not like the usual, where only such and certain saints have a lot of text or little, depending on importance in the local Church). Anyway, Dave wants the real deal in Slavonic. He ought to try ILL through his college library (Ohio State University has the Menaion in Slavonic).

In Christ,
Posted By: Chtec Re: Monthly Menaion in Slavonic - 11/10/04 01:56 AM

ILL is a good idea, and one I hadn't considered. It won't be needed, though, since a kind seminarian has contacted me privately and offered to photocopy the pages I am interested in.

The last book I got out on ILL was "Vampires of the Carpathians" by Petr Bogatyrev... quite an interesting read!

Posted By: Diak Re: Monthly Menaion in Slavonic - 11/10/04 02:35 AM
Dave, the short answer is no. There is, however, a smattering all over the Internet for both the Gregorian and Julian calendars, but no cohesive menaion.

As Adam mentions it is in several libraries, Fordham used to have one, and I think CUA had one also.

I am sure one of the Russian sites will have it eventually.

In English the only real equivalent is the monthly Menaion translated by Isaac Lambertsen and Daniel Olson available from St. John of Kronstadt Press, but at $80 and up per month it gets expensive faster than you can say Third Kathisma. It has not only Vespers and Matins propers, but multiple canons for Matins, canons for Compline, Akathists, etc. Nothing comes remotely close in English for completeness.
Posted By: Danj Re: Monthly Menaion in Slavonic - 11/17/04 11:22 PM
Hey Dave,

If you want to purchase the complete set from Russia, you could do it on www.istok.net once on the site, go to "bozho sluzbie" and it is there, it's quite expensive and I haven't bought it, but someday.....I bought several books from them several years ago, did the "ground" mail thing..it took 2 month's to arrive, but their air mail rates are quite expensive for books. That is the only place I've ever seen it offered for purchase. Looks like a neat set

Hope this info. helps. Let us know if you do order it how you like it.
Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: Monthly Menaion in Slavonic - 11/18/04 06:06 AM
Originally posted by akemner:
Ther is another Menaion in English, published by the Melkites, and it is much cheaper, i think $14 per volume.

As Adam mentioned, Sophia Press does offer a 12 vol. set in English.

The Menaia
Published as a twelve-volume set, each Menaion contains the Proper of the Saints and Feasts of the month for Vespers and Orthros (Matins and Lauds combined).
Prices actually vary from $13.25 to $28.95.

Many years,

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