Paraclisis question

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Paraclisis question - 08/13/04 03:13 PM

With the Feast of the Dormition upon us, I've been making a point of praying the Office of Paraclisis daily. This Office is obviously intended to be a communal prayer ritual, offered by a celebrant and congregation. Are there any modifications to the format of the Office that one should make when offering it as independent prayer, or is it appropriate to read through all parts of the Office, those of both the celebrant and the congregation, as I've been doing?

I must confess to feeling somewhat uncomfortable and unworthy when reciting the portions of the Office that are intended to be taken by ordained individuals.


a pilgrim
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Re: Paraclisis question - 08/13/04 05:00 PM

I think you are supposed to pray: "Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, O our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ have mercy upon us." In substitute for clergy parts.

In Christ,
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Re: Paraclisis question - 08/13/04 09:15 PM

Dear Pilgrim, instead of the invocation of the priest "Blessed is our God" one says "Through the prayers of our holy Fathers, O Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mrecy on us". Then the usual beginning prayers "O Heavenly King" (if outside of Pascha), etc. through the Our Father. At the conclusion of the Our Father one says either "Through the prayers" as above, or in the Old Believer usage one says the the Jesus Prayer, instead of "For thine is the kingdom" which is only said by the priest.

Instead of the litanies of the deacon, for longer litanies (Litany of peace) one simply says 12X Lord have mercy followed by Glory...both now, and for little litanies one says 3X Lord have mercy, and then Glory...both now.

At the conclusion of your Reader's Service you again say "Through the prayers" instead of the dismissal of the priest.
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Re: Paraclisis question - 08/14/04 04:02 PM

Dear Danj & Diak,

My sincere thanks for your response!

a pilgrim
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