"Weeping" icon @ Carpatho-Russian Parish on Tour

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"Weeping" icon @ Carpatho-Russian Parish on Tour - 08/18/19 12:28 AM

Christ is in our midst!!

There is also a miraculous myrrh-streaming icon at a Carpatho-Russian Orthodox parish in Taylor, PA. The story is below. It will make a visit to St. George Orthodox Church, Altoona, AP, on Friday, November 15, 2019. If you Google "miraculous icon in Taylor, PA," you will find a number of witness stories surrounding miracles that have occurred in relation to the icon and the miraculous myrrh that continues to steam from it. The miracle began in 2011.

"Every Wednesday evening, at 6PM hundreds of people flock to. George Orthodox Church in Taylor, PA to participate in a prayer service – Moleben in front of the Myrrh-streaming icon - the Kardiotissa, “The Tender Heart”. Very Rev. Fr. Mark Leasure, pastor of the Carpatho-Rusyn parish in Taylor, PA, where the icon began to stream myrrh, states that “The Tender Heart” myrrh-flowing, miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary has drawn thousands of people to the parish, all through word-of-mouth. Some call these “weeping icons” or simply “myrrh-streaming”, but nonetheless, these holy icons make miracles happen.

The history of the icon begins with a visit of the Myrrh - Streaming Iveron Icon of the Theotokos from Hawaii to St. George’s in October of 2011. Fr. Mark, the pastor of the local parish wiped his parish ’s copy of the icon with cotton that was soaked with miraculous myrrh from the Hawaiian icon. Shortly thereafter the parish copy of the icon also started to stream myrrh. Since that time and to this day it has been abundantly streaming. Moleben services are conducted every Wednesday for crowds that fill the church beyond capacity."

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Re: "Weeping" icon @ Carpatho-Russian Parish on Tour - 08/20/19 06:21 PM

I made a pilgrimage to St. George Parish a few years ago on a Wednesday evening, saw the weeping icon, and was anointed with the oil.

O most holy Mother of God, save us!
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Re: "Weeping" icon @ Carpatho-Russian Parish on Tour - 10/28/19 04:31 AM

The Taylor Icon was brought to Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, for Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers in 2016.

Even small pieces of cotton soaked its myrrh have brought truly miraculous transformations of entire communities.

God is wondrous in His Saints!
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Re: "Weeping" icon @ Carpatho-Russian Parish on Tour - 11/14/19 02:10 PM

Christ is in our midst!!

Tomorrow evening the Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God will be at St George Orthodox Church, 58th Street, Altoona, PA. There is a service at 7 p.m.

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Re: "Weeping" icon @ Carpatho-Russian Parish on Tour - 11/17/19 02:30 AM

Christ is in our midst!!

I was there. Words fail.

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Re: "Weeping" icon @ Carpatho-Russian Parish on Tour - 03/06/20 02:08 PM

What a great blessing for all of you! Alas, I sometimes feel as if I am in spiritual Siberia down here, away from the North East... :-(

I did email a prayer request to Fr. Leisure to take before the miraculous icon of our Lady the Tender Hearted, and he emailed me back that he would. That was very kind of him.
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