Posted By: Joseph Stitzel Re-establishing a Byzantine Mission? - 11/08/20 07:20 PM
Greetings to you all.

After attending the Divine Liturgy celebrated by Hegumen Josef Stanichar at Duchovny Dom Monastery in Walla Walla, I have been attempting to find more info on being able to resurrect the suppressed Ruthenian mission in the Treasure Valley and have only been lead to contact Dr. Joel Mills on one of the forums. I have tried to reach out to him, and a friend of mine had reached out to him in December of 2019 but has received no response. Does anyone know of any others who are trying to re-establish the mission? If there is no one else who is trying to re-establish the mission currently, how would I go about the process of doing so?

Sincerely yours in Christ
Joesph Stitzel
Welcome, Joseph, to The Byzantine Forum!

I recommend that, if you are interested in establishing / re-establishing a mission in your area, you contact either the local bishop or the closest pastor. They would be the best people to advise you.

Posted By: CathariC Re: Re-establishing a Byzantine Mission? - 01/24/21 05:45 PM
Good advice. My husband & I retired & relocated to western NC in 2016 from our dear parish in Seattle (St. John Chrysostom), so we support/encourage a couple of communities within a 2.5hr drive. Now that we're better established we could consider a missionary effort. We'll contact the bishop in Passaic, NJ.

I spent a week as the guest of then Archpriest Joseph Stanichar in Seattle. What a truly grace-filled place it was! There was a lovely lady there who owned a shoe store. We've lost contact over the years. Does any know her contact information? Also visited the Duchovny Dom before it became a monastery with Fr. Joseph as Hegumen. I remember then Deacon Michael who, I believe, is now the parish priest there. Beautiful memories! Beautiful people!
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