List of on-line Bibles

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List of on-line Bibles - 05/04/07 06:01 PM

List of on-line Bibles

I find it convenient as a bible teacher to have these all in one place...

The Revised Standard Version 1952

The American Standard Version 1901

The King James Version 1611

The Douay-Rheims Bible 1582-1609 (traditional Catholic version)

The NET Bible 1996

The New Revised Standard Version 1989

The Noli New Testament (1961 English Eastern Orthodox translation)

Lamsa Bible New Testament 1957 (from the Aramaic Peshitta)

Lamsa Bible Old Testament 1957 (from the Aramaic Peshitta)

The New Jerusalem Bible 1985

English Standard Version 2001

English Standard Version Bible Search at Antiochian Orthodox web site 2001

New American Bible 1970, 1986, 1991 (official Catholic version)

Bible Gateway (several versions)

Bible Crosswalk (several versions)

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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 05/04/07 11:14 PM

A most useful list - thanks for posting it1

Christ is Risen!

Fr. Serge
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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 05/05/07 12:16 PM

Thanks for the list. The religion teacher at my Catholic school will be in ecstasy when I pass this list along to him.
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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 05/15/07 11:56 PM

How handy to have...thanks so much for posting it. I am copying it to file.

In Christ,

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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 10/01/07 01:15 AM

I just saw this on another site and I am reposting the link here. Brenton's Septuagint is now online in text and audio (MP3 and Podcast).

The link is here.

Father Anthony+
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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 10/01/07 02:49 AM

Some of the links don't work.

The Noli NT:

Lamsa Bible Old Testament 1957 (from the Aramaic Peshitta):
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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 10/01/07 04:20 AM

Well I'd like to add that you can download the Clementine Vulgate with the Challoner revised Douai-Rheims bible from http://vulsearch.sourceforge.net/

And a facsimile of the original 1582 Douai-Rheims New Testament (I don't think the drbo.org text is the same it is probably the Challoner revised text) can be found online at http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k53352s/CadresFenetre?O=NUMM-53352&M=imageseule

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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 11/16/07 02:39 AM

You listed one of my faovurites. The AV1611 on the University of Virginia site.

Alas! The Revised Standard Verison is no logner hosted there, though.

However, I do have one special treat, the firts English RTanslation of the Bible produced, the John Wycliffe Bible.(1382)


It is a rare and difficult pleasure.

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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 11/19/07 04:47 PM

I like this one: http://www.unboundbible.com/
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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 11/19/07 05:22 PM

I have my own Bible site, which is beinf renovated, if it would be OK to post its link when done?
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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 11/19/07 11:16 PM

I have a link to an on-line RSV Bible that is current. If you would like it, please PM me. I use it all the time and don't want this one to be pulled from on-line.

Posted By: ZAROVE

Re: List of on-line Bibles - 11/20/07 01:11 AM

Studylight has a list of Boibles, including the KJV, Geneva, and DR. It also has soem rare ones such as the Wycliffe, which I alreayd linked to, and the Bishops Bible.

The downside is that they are presente din Paragaph form.

It also has contemprary Bibles not fudn elsewhre, such as Gods Word Translaiton. Alas! It is a poor translaiton, but stll, here it is.


The Biel is a bit difficult to find on this site hwoever.
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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 11/20/07 01:12 AM

Ohm and here is my Bible website. Its up for revision, I abandoend the site after gettign too busy, so the news seciton is not popualted and the Bible still needs soem work.


I hope everyone Enjoys.
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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 11/20/07 01:14 AM

Of course, Bibels for download exist too, on E-Sword.

And on thsi site, you can find a "STandard" KJV, with only 66 books, orone with the Apocrypha.

Liekwise, the Geneva and Bishops has the Apocrypha, though the print is shown in Blue.


If others seek to download the Scriptures in numerous Public Domain translations, this is a good rescource.
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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 05/28/08 09:25 PM


Christ is Risen!! Indeed He is Risen!!

You might want to check some of the links in this post. A number are no longer able to link to the particular translations mentioned.

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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 08/24/09 11:49 AM

Many Bible translations in English and many other languages, searchable and viewable online:

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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 10/23/09 10:57 PM

Why would anyone use a Bible that does not contain ALL the canonical books? In case some of you are unaware, Protestant Bibles have edited them out. That includes the RSV... you have to be careful.... there are inaccurate and edited tranlsations for those churches that are not in full comminuion with the Church, that need to support their own faiths. Even Jehovah's Witnesses have their own version ~that doesn't make it a reliable source.

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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 10/24/09 03:06 PM

Fr. John Whiteford on Bible translations:

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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 10/24/09 04:42 PM

In case some of you are unaware, Protestant Bibles have edited them out.

No! You're kidding me. When did this happen?
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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 10/30/09 02:44 PM

I like e-sword
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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 03/04/10 11:32 PM

* View the Clementine Vulgate Bible with the Douay–Rheims translation side-by-side
* Fast full-text searching of both bibles
* Create bookmarks, cross-references and annotations
* Integrated with the Latin dictionary program Words

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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 11/19/10 08:28 PM

I use a Cambridge Authorised King James Version, Cameo, with the Queens own Seal on it from Her Majesty's own Printer.

It contains all of the books, though it calls the Deuterocannon "Apocrypha".

I still like it.
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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 07/29/11 04:39 PM

Father Whiteford's page having been archived, I provide this link to the Wayback Machine's page so others won't have to duplicate my efforts:


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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 07/30/12 05:40 PM

I am an avid reader, but I have never gotten through the bible. I have had a number of false starts. How would you suggest I begin?

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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 07/30/12 05:54 PM


Christ is in our midst!!

Welcome to the forum.

There are several online guides to reading the whole Bible in a year. I had one but have mislaid it so I'm not much help today.

The thrust of these is that you set aside some time and read from several different areas each day. They're structured so you don't get bogged down because you have a few verses from each of about five sections and it takes about twenty minutes to a half hour each day to do. You begin any time with the first section and continue for 365 days.

Good to have you among us.

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Re: List of on-line Bibles - 08/01/12 03:33 AM

Although never cover to cover in order, I'm not worried. I figure I must have read every page by now, at least once.
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