Prayer of St. John Damascene

Posted By: Reader Oleh

Prayer of St. John Damascene - 09/27/13 10:44 PM

Dear Members of the Byzantine Forum,

I am looking for the Slavonic of this Prayer After Confession of St. John Damascene found in the Byzantine Daily Worship's "Office of Penance". Could someone provide me with the Slavonic prayer or know from what source Archbishop Raya translated this prayer into English?

"O my God and Lord Jesus Christ, lead me in your way that I may walk in your truth; gladden my heart that I may fear your holy name. O Lord so mighty in mercy, so gracious in your might; assist and comfort me; save me, for I put my trust in your holy name. In your wrath, do not let me perish, O Lord and Lover of us all, but show me your great mercy and compassion. O Physician and Healer of my soul, O merciful Savior, blot out all my transgressions, for in the depth of my heart I am sorry for having offended you. Grant me your grace, that I may avoid my earlier and evil ways; give me the strength, O Mighty One, to withstand the temptations before which I am weak; keep me under your protection, and under the shadow of your wings, so that I may serve you faithfully, praise You, and glorify your name all the days of my life."

With my thanks,
Reader Oleh
Posted By: Diak

Re: Prayer of St. John Damascene - 09/30/13 06:21 PM

I've not seen this prayer given in the Slavonic tradition to be taken after Confession, and Archbishop Raya likely got it from the Greek Euchologion.
Posted By: Reader Oleh

Re: Prayer of St. John Damascene - 10/05/13 08:10 PM

Hey Diak,

Thanks for the lead.

This begs the next question: Do you have the original Greek text available or can you directly to a Greek euchologion on-line to the proper spot where this prayer occurs?

I do know that some Russian scholars have translated the ambon prayers from Greek into Slavonic. I wish that they would have done the same with other prayers or offices.

Reader Oleh
Posted By: akemner

Re: Prayer of St. John Damascene - 10/08/13 02:36 PM

Reader Oleh,

There are many translations of older services and prayers as well as studies of the development of the Byzantine Rite in Russian. You should look at the work of Michael Zheltov in particular. He is focusing on the Byzantine Rite as governed under the Stoudite Typikon in Rus' (13-15 centuries). Also, Miguel Arranz' doctoral dissertation "How did the Ancient Byzantines Pray" exists in Russian translation-or at least the appendix does. That appendix has the prayers of the Asmatic Office all in Russian, along with the known antiphons and their refrains. This can be found here: http://www.miguel-arranz.net/?view=scriptura first download.

In Christ,
Posted By: Orthodox Catholic

Re: Prayer of St. John Damascene - 10/08/13 11:12 PM

Dear Adam,

Thank you for this reference!

I'll have to recommend the office to my brother as he has asma.

Posted By: Reader Oleh

Re: Prayer of St. John Damascene - 10/13/13 04:35 PM

Dear Adam,

Thanks very much for mentioning the Russian-language sources. I checked them; this prayer (see above) is not among the translations completed.

If you know where this prayer exists, could you just reproduce it here? My Greek is very rusty.

Again with thanks for all your help, I remain,

Reader Oleh
Posted By: Diak

Re: Prayer of St. John Damascene - 11/05/13 02:19 PM

Читець Олег: I will look for a Greek text I can scan and send to you. As I mentioned before after going through pre-Nikonian and Nikonian Slavonic as well as Mohylian texts I did not find a Slavonic version.
o. д. Randolph
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