Posted By: Fr Serge Keleher Dormition Monastery - 05/25/10 08:53 PM
Prayers are urgently needed for the survival of the Dormition Monastery (for women) opened in Rome in 1956. The long-time Superior, Mother Catherine, reposed in the Lord last week, and only one nun, Sister Elena currently remains. It would be nice, and suitable, to bring in four or five Studite nuns from Ukraine to replenish the Sisters at the monastery in Rome.

Fr. Serge
Posted By: Father Valerian Re: Dormition Monastery - 05/25/10 10:32 PM
Dear Fr. Serge:

I agree!!!!! The Uspenskij Monastery must survive in the Eternal City.

In XC,

Fr. Valerian
Posted By: Fr Serge Keleher Re: Dormition Monastery - 05/31/10 09:35 AM
The fortieth day Divine Liturgy for Mother Catherine will take place, God willing, at the Monastery 27/28 June. Would those who cannot be physically present please join themselves spiritually and consciously to this observance?
Posted By: Jakub. Re: Dormition Monastery - 05/31/10 05:30 PM
Prayers for Mother Catherine and the needs of Dormition Monastery...
Posted By: GregoryPalamas Re: Dormition Monastery - 06/01/10 12:30 PM
O Lord, have mercy.
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