Posted By: Diak Prayer for UGCC Synod - 03/03/11 02:57 PM
His Eminence +Ihor has requested that the following be added to the Ekteniya of Fervent Supplication at every Divine Service until March 24, 2011:

"We pray to the Lord, our God, that He hear the prayers of us sinners, and send the grace of the Holy Spirit on the participants of the Electoral Synod of our Church, strengthen them, enlighten them, and bring their God-pleasing act to a successful conclusion."

In addition to the Ekteniya this petition can be taken again at the conclusion of any service and after the Amvon Prayer.

The troparion to the Holy Spirit, "Heavenly King" is also to be sung three times at the conclusion of every service until March 24.
Posted By: theophan Re: Prayer for UGCC Synod - 03/04/11 11:22 PM
Lord, grant Your grace and great mercy to the bishops of the UGCC Synod selecting their new patriarch later this month.

O Lord, save Thy people and bless Thine inheritance . . .


Posted By: sielos ilgesys Re: Prayer for UGCC Synod - 03/05/11 12:47 AM
...that we may more clearly see the True Light; that we may continue being enriched by the Heavenly Spirit; that we may be strengthened in the True Faith - Lord, grant extravagant graces for all involved in the elections of the patriarchs for the UGCC and the Maronite Church; through the prayers of the Most Holy Theotokos and of all the saints who have issued forth from those Particular Churches within the Catholic Communion.
Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: Prayer for UGCC Synod - 03/05/11 08:16 AM
Prayers that the Holy Ghost guide the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in its important task
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