Posted By: Diak My wife's nephew - 08/10/12 09:38 PM
In your kindness please remember my wife's nephew Thomas. He was only in his early 30s and died suddenly. Everlasting memory.
Posted By: Job Re: My wife's nephew - 08/10/12 09:56 PM
May Thomas' memory be eternal.
Posted By: Alice Re: My wife's nephew - 08/11/12 01:56 PM
I am so sorry...how sad--he was so young.

May the memory of Thomas be eternal...

May our holy Mother of God comfort you all.
Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: My wife's nephew - 08/11/12 10:24 PM
May Thomas' memory be eternal and prayers for the comfort of his family in their loss.
Posted By: Administrator Re: My wife's nephew - 08/12/12 06:35 PM
In blessed repose, grant, O Lord, eternal rest to Your servant, Thomas, and may his memory be eternal.

Eternal Memory!
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