For my son

Posted By: Irish Melkite

For my son - 09/27/12 11:42 AM

My youngest son, Conor, suffers from Asperger Syndrome, a condition on the so-called autistic spectrum. Typical of children with this disorder, Con has difficulty with social interaction (problematic, but not disabling) and an accompanying attention deficit disorder, much more an issue.

The latter is manifested most often as a difficulty in staying focused, taking responsibility for seeing things through to their necessary conclusion, and understanding the consequences involved with not doing so. The combination of these factors is wreaking havoc with his school performance, not helped by being in a new educational environment (middle school) this year.

If you have a chance, please pray for him to achieve a simple need - the necessity to appreciate the importance of turning in assignments which he's spent the time to do (most often very well-done), but for which he often goes uncredited because he can't/doesn't carry through to that final step.
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Re: For my son - 09/27/12 12:00 PM

Sweet Jesus remember when your parents found you in the temple teaching? You completed the task you had at hand, given you by the Father. Now make straight Conor's steps so he faithfully completes the task at hand. Grant your peace, rest, and relief to his parents that they may see him able to completely satisfy the tasks at hand they and his teachers give him. Make it so Jesus in your Namevwe pray, Amen!
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Re: For my son - 09/27/12 12:47 PM

Poor Conor frown

Prayers that having finished how assignment, he realises that in order to get the credit that he deserves, he has to let the School Staff see what he has done when they set the deadline for submission - it can't be easy for him to realise it.
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Re: For my son - 09/27/12 04:36 PM

Prayers, may Conor be granted the means to achieve the needed assignments and goals required...
Posted By: Porter

Re: For my son - 09/29/12 12:51 AM

Lord, please help Conor with this special need. Come to his assistance and give all who work with him in school understanding and patience too! In the Name of our teacher and healer, Jesus Christ, I pray for this.

We will continue to lift him up in our prayers this week, Neil.
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