Posted By: Amadeus Latest Philippine Disaster - 11/09/13 11:48 PM
Please include in your prayers for the recovery of the devastated central region of the Philippines due to another supertyphoon (this time considered one of the strongest recorded in the world all-time) and for the thousands who lost their lives.

Join me also in praying for the safety and well-being of our forum member marduk, who, I believe, is in the Philippines visiting with his Filipino wife's relatives.

I just don't know if they were/are inside or outside the 300-mile devastating circular range of the supertyphoon.

Posted By: Thomas the Seeker Re: Latest Philippine Disaster - 11/10/13 12:14 AM
O merciful God and heavenly Father, you
asked us to call upon you in all our need
and distress, and moreover, you promised
to hear our prayers and to help us, thereby
causing us to give thanks. During this past
perilous season, we have felt nature weigh
heavily upon us. Keep us from anger, that we
might turn our hearts to you, as the ruinous
gale passes over us and the earth trembles.

We give ourselves to you with humble hearts,
and pray that you will graciously grant by your
Holy Spirit, that we are found thankful, not only
in word, but also in deed and in truth, that our
lives may give glory and praise to you, through
your beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who
lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the
Holy Spirit, one true God, forever and ever. Amen
Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: Latest Philippine Disaster - 11/10/13 02:13 AM
Prayers for all the people of the Philippines and may the memory of those who reposed be eternal.

Prayers especially for our brother and friend, mardukm, and his family, for the several other members of our forum community, both active and inactive, who either live there or have family still living there, and for the Eastern and Oriental Catholic and Orthodox communities there, that the Lord protect and preserve them.

Prayers also for our much beloved long-time brother and friend, Amadeus, that his family and friends still in the Philippines are safe from harm.
Posted By: Alice Re: Latest Philippine Disaster - 11/10/13 01:47 PM
Lord have mercy on the good people of the Phillipines...Lord have mercy.
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