Posted By: Orthodox Catholic For Ukraine - 09/04/14 04:14 PM
I ask for your prayers for the wounded and dead soldiers of Ukraine fighting against the Russians now.

Posted By: Our Lady's slave Re: For Ukraine - 09/04/14 04:59 PM
Prayers for all

Господи, помилуй
Posted By: G Xuereb Re: For Ukraine - 09/07/14 01:01 PM
Originally Posted by Our Lady's slave
Prayers for all

Господи, помилуй

100% agree and may the fragile truce hold.
Posted By: Economos Roman V. Russo Re: For Ukraine - 09/07/14 05:19 PM
Let us pray, rather, for all those shedding blood and shedding their own blood in this iniquitous conflict. Спасителю мира, спаси и Россию и Украину!
Posted By: Orthodox Catholic Re: For Ukraine - 09/07/14 11:05 PM
As Vladyka Bohdan said today to wounded Ukrainian soldiers in L'viv: The people of Ukraine wish only to defend their own country and not to take over another people's country.

I pray for relatives and their friends in Ukraine who have been killed, wounded and who have volunteered for the Ukrainian army, even just yesterday.

May the Lord protect them and grant them victory, even against all odds.

Posted By: Nataly Re: For Ukraine - 09/11/14 11:47 AM
Господи, спаси и сохрани!
Posted By: Orthodox Catholic Re: For Ukraine - 09/11/14 09:37 PM
Originally Posted by Nataly
Господи, спаси и сохрани!

God bless you, Nataly, now and always!!


Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: For Ukraine - 09/11/14 11:16 PM
Prayers for the peoples of Ukraine and for all those displaced, wounded, and killed in this conflict!
Posted By: Administrator Re: For Ukraine - 09/13/14 07:31 AM
May the Lord bring His peace to the peoples of Ukraine.

Lord, have mercy!
Posted By: Nataly Re: For Ukraine - 09/25/14 03:46 PM
Spiritual anthem of Ukraine


Oh Lord, Almighty and Only
for us our Ukraine, please, keep
by freedom's and the rays of light
you set her in light.
By light of science and knowledge
keep us, your children, enlightened.
the pure love to the land
you, oh Lord, please, instill.
We pray, oh Lord and the Only,
for us our Ukraine, please, keep.
all of your presents and generosity,
you turn to people of ours.
Give them the freedom, give them good fate,
give them good light, and the happiness,
give, oh Lord, people
many and many years.
Posted By: Nataly Re: For Ukraine - 09/25/14 04:04 PM
Prayers for unfortunate Russia and those soldiers who are sent to this senseless war and die for nothing.

Posted By: Orthodox Catholic Re: For Ukraine - 09/25/14 09:41 PM
How beautiful!!

May the Most Holy Mother of God and all the Saints of Russia protect her people at this difficult time.

Gospodi pomiluj! Presvyataya Bogaroditse spasy nas!

Posted By: Garajotsi Re: For Ukraine - 09/26/14 05:11 PM
Пресвятая Богородице, Спаси Нас!

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