Posted By: theophan

Loretta - 11/06/14 07:44 PM

The love of my life came home in tears after her mammogram. There is a 9 mm something that her physician wants to take a look at next week. She has a family history of breast cancer and had one sister die of it.

Posted By: Orthodox Catholic

Re: Loretta - 11/06/14 09:23 PM

Oh, Bob.

We all call on God to visit you and her now with His healing presence.

Posted By: Penthaetria

Re: Loretta - 11/06/14 09:30 PM

Holding you and Loretta in prayers, as fervently and tenderly as you have held me through the years.
Posted By: Our Lady's slave

Re: Loretta - 11/07/14 02:50 AM

Oh Bob !

Prayers for you and Loretta

Posted By: Administrator

Re: Loretta - 11/07/14 07:31 AM

Prayers for health and healing!
Posted By: Alice

Re: Loretta - 11/07/14 07:09 PM

Be assured of my prayers for Loretta. May St. Nektarios, the wonder worker and patron saint for cancer and illness, whose feast will be celebrated in two days (Nov. 9), intercede to God for Loretta, that all may turn out well.

May St. Michael the Archangel, whose feast is tomorrow, protect you and Loretta.

May the blessed Mother of God and ever virgin Mary grant you both courage and calm.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Your sister in Christ,
Posted By: desertman

Re: Loretta - 11/08/14 07:52 AM

Praying for Loretta and for you and your family at this time, Bob.
May the Lord give her health and strength of body, mind, and spirit in whatever the circumstances turn out to be.
Posted By: Jakub.

Re: Loretta - 11/09/14 09:32 PM

Prayers, may the Pantanassa, Queen of All, intercede on her behalf...
Posted By: Communion of Saints

Re: Loretta - 11/14/14 12:04 AM

I add my prayers for the well being of Loretta and for you.
Posted By: theophan

Re: Loretta - 11/15/14 11:57 AM

Thank you all. We see Loretta's physician to see where we go from here on Monday.

In the meantime, our daughter, Rachel, had a miscarriage yesterday. If you recall, she had a very dangerous first pregnancy two years ago with the worst form of placenta previa. She had a section just before her labor began and our grandson was and is very well--again, thanks to the prayers of you and so many others.

Posted By: Our Lady's slave

Re: Loretta - 11/15/14 02:05 PM

Prayers continue for you all
Posted By: Communion of Saints

Re: Loretta - 11/15/14 04:18 PM

Prayers for Rachel, and thoughts and prayers as you and Loretta go to the dr (glad you get to go right away!) on Monday.
Posted By: theophan

Re: Loretta - 11/17/14 08:10 PM

Good news. Loretta's situation comes down to some sort of benign fibrocystic thing that caused some sort of shadow on the film.

Thank You, Lord, for Your Divine Hand and continuous blessing on our lives.

Posted By: Alice

Re: Loretta - 11/17/14 08:57 PM

Oh Bob, I am so happy and grateful to God to hear this good news!

Glory to God!

Posted By: Communion of Saints

Re: Loretta - 11/17/14 10:53 PM

I was praying for the 'it is nothing' to be the case.... so glad to see that!
Posted By: Irish Melkite

Re: Loretta - 11/18/14 01:21 AM

Prayers of gratitude for Loretta's situation and prayers for Rachel in this time of sadness for her. Prayers also for you, my brother, as you emotionally support your loved ones.
Posted By: Orthodox Catholic

Re: Loretta - 11/20/14 10:21 AM

May Our Lady of Loreto continue to cover your wife with her Mantle of Protection!

Is Our Lady of Loreto your wife's patron namesake?

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