I'd like to ask for prayers for a particular health issue I've got a lot of concern about. I'm trying to pray more and not worry but there are times when I experience so much anxiety and uncertainty. Things may very well turn out OK but meanwhile at times the anxiety is becoming almost as much of a problem as the health concern itself.
Thank you and a blessed Christmas
Communion of Saints
Christ is Born !!

Prayers for you in this time of uncertainty
Christ is Born!

Prayers for 'Communion of Saints', that the Lord God bestow upon the fullness of both spiritual and physical healing.

May the New Born King grant CofS many years in peace, health, and salvation!

Posted By: byzanTN Re: Prayers requested for my intentions - 12/25/18 08:46 PM
Prayers, of course!
There is a very important teaching in the Way of a Pilgrim that states "Pray and worry about nothing." I've lost 75% of my heart function and became very anxious to the point of despair. It is precisely in those times that we are tested the most and when God provides His Grace to us even more abundantly. We cannot control or predict the future. But we can live in this moment in the power of Christ and that of the Theotokos.. Keep your favourite icon of her nearby, with you all the time. Pray incessantly the Jesus Prayer and your most loved prayers to Her. The Communion of Saints is your moniker here. May they be your greatest source of support. And they will be. Everyone here joins with you in that struggle, that podvig of prayer, reflection and trust in the One Who hears and Whose Will desires what is best for us, even in our hour of darkness and doubt. You are blessed to be experiencing this suffering. I still am. Let's shoulder one anothers crosses and await the God of Surprises!

Prayers for good health and resolution of your issues.
Thank you for the prayers.
This will be a process lasting at least a few months into the future and if I want to be more specific about what's going on, I will do so, but for now, I wanted to keep it as is.
Again, thank you so much.
A little update....
One of the medical issues I was concerned about has turned out to be 'stable' and I'm doing pretty well. So, I'm grateful for that. It's something that requires lifetime monitoring/testing, etc. I will have to deal with a number of other medical issues but I'm just taking things one step at a time.
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