Posted By: theophan My mother - 02/12/21 01:47 AM
Christ is in our midst!!

I asked for prayers for my mother, Patricia, in 2019 when she was almost on her way to meet Jesus with congestive heart failure. Since then she has recovered her health--to a fair extent--moving fromskilled care to a personal care home where she is in better shape than she was at Christmas 2018.

Thank God for each of you and thank you for your prayers. The Good Lord has sent her back to us for reasons only He knows. May He be praised.

Posted By: Administrator Re: My mother - 02/12/21 06:41 PM
Thanks, Bob, for the update. Glad she is doing better. You and your family (and especially your mother) are on my prayer list and prayed for daily.
Posted By: Irish Melkite Re: My mother - 02/22/21 07:06 AM
Bob, Prayers for the continued good health of your mother.

Many years,

Posted By: theophan Re: My mother - 02/22/21 03:33 PM
Thanks to God, and then thanks to both John, Neil, and all my brothers and sisters here.

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