Posted By: Hilde Neighbor with trouble - 04/23/03 12:26 AM
Please pray for my neighbor Laura who fearful of a threat of violence. She has 2 children in the home and one away at college. The police were there 2 nights ago.

Posted By: Jenny Re: Neighbor with trouble - 04/23/03 01:13 AM
I am praying for your neighbor.

Posted By: Hesychios Re: Neighbor with trouble - 04/23/03 01:54 AM
May your friend and her family find peace, security and joy.

I will pray for them.
Posted By: Dr John Re: Neighbor with trouble - 04/23/03 03:30 AM
May the Lord extend His protecting hand over His servant Laura and her family. And may the authorities be able to intervene and defuse the violent heart of those who would do harm to their fellow human beings. Lord, be merciful.

Christ is Risen!
Posted By: Inawe Re: Neighbor with trouble - 04/24/03 01:37 AM
May Laura and her family find strength and solace in the friends who stand by them in this time of trial. May God grant her and her children safety!
Posted By: Hilde Re: Neighbor with trouble - 04/24/03 06:10 PM
I thank you all very much. We're helping however we can with the boys by being there and having things like they always are. My neighbor is very grateful for your prayers as well.

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