Posted By: Anonymous A parish named "St. Chrysogonus" in USA - 08/21/01 04:01 AM
Can anyone tell me of a parish church named to the patronage of St. Chrysogonus and its postal mailing address, of any rite or jurisdiction in the USA ?

Pilger Joe
Posted By: Dr John Re: A parish named "St. Chrysogonus" in USA - 08/22/01 07:04 AM
I looked in the 'canonical' groups. Couldn't find one. Maybe it's HOCNA.

There use to be parish in Sanford fl
Called St. John’s church under the
Self proclaimed bishop dimas f markle
The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church inc
105 FAIRLANE circle Sanford fl 32708
and yes he is the uncle of the girl who married prince Harry of England
Deacon Joseph,

Welcome to the forum. Regretably, the question which you answered was posted by someone in 2001, Thank you, however, for the info.

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