Posted By: jkay Fasting with Wheat Intolerance - 02/15/10 04:54 AM
Hello all,

I do not eat wheat containing foods, or most grains for that matter, due to food sensitivities. I really cannot go back to eating a lot of the foods that people eat more of during lent (bread, pasta, cereals, etc) for health reasons. To compensate for not eating these foods, I have increased my intake of proteins and healthy fats. So, it will be difficult to avoid eggs, oils, and meats. I know I can still eat shrimp. Do you have any suggestions?
Posted By: byzanTN Re: Fasting with Wheat Intolerance - 02/15/10 12:53 PM
You should talk to a priest about this. Allergies and other medical conditions can excuse you from following fasting requirements.
Posted By: Terry Bohannon Re: Fasting with Wheat Intolerance - 02/15/10 01:00 PM
TVP is a good source of protein. Most textured vegetable protein is made from soy, it has a long shelf life, and can be bought in bulk.

Look at Indian recipes for alternate flours. They use a black chickpea flour called gram or chana flour.

Posted By: theophan Re: Fasting with Wheat Intolerance - 02/15/10 01:50 PM

Some years ago I could not do the regular fast because of a health-related issue that only resolved iteself after 15 years. In effect I was fasting for the whole period. My spiritual father suggested that I do a positive fast. That is, I set aside a period of time each day to prayer and Scripture reading that would be about the same length of time one would spend at meals. Instead of a game show or two in the evening, I went to another room and spent the time in quiet and with the Lord.

Then there's the recommendation of St. John Chrysostom to fast from backbiting, gossip, and other sins of the tongue. Just biting one's tongue and avoiding having the last word can be a fast.

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