I lived in Steubenville for many years and never heard of this parish. Amazing treasures are within....

A nun at a chapel of relics in Pittsburgh says the extraordinary atmosphere associated with the artifacts has led to cures of everything from birth problems to cancer.

The shrine, St. Anthony Chapel, on Troy Hill in Pittsburgh, houses what they assert is the largest collection of authenticated Catholic relics -- about 5,000 -- outside of the Vatican.

WONDERFUL...This holy church would be worth the visit.
It is an interesting place to visit; they have at least five nails that crucified Christ as well as "Mary's milk." Most of the relics were collected during the wars in the 19th century that lead to the unification of Germany and Italy among other places. Father Mollinger, who built the church dedicated to Anthony of Padua, was wealthy and purchased these relics. The provenance of some of the material has been questioned. Be this as it may be, the church is well worth a visit. be sure to look at their listing of relics and you will be amazed by what they claim to have or believe that they may have. If I remember correctly, they even have relics from angels. please correct me if I am wrong. In fact, my wife and I plan to revisit the place a second time when we are in Pittsburgh next week.
John life history is so amazing whether some are authentic or not, the fact is this priest had so much love for God's people that he cared enough to give them all a home. He must have had a burden to protect them. Kind of like today with ebay, when someone finds a 'relic' on there. Whether to get it or not, but the whole thing is protection, not really knowing if it is authentic. That must have been the way he was.

I hope you take time to share your next visit.
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