Posted By: Job Beeswax Tapers??? - 07/16/14 08:29 AM
Glory to Jesus Christ!

It seems our candle supplier is ending its business in the Northeast. I know my pastor has found a new supplier for candles in the church (4 hr., 5 day, 7 day) but they do not carry the beeswax tapers to use at the altar. Anyone in the Northeast have any suggestions/recomendations? (going a purchasing a new 7 branch candleabra is not an option at this point smile )

Posted By: Fr. Deacon Lance Re: Beeswax Tapers??? - 07/16/14 09:07 AM
St Gregory Palamas Monastery in Ohio
Posted By: Orthodox in Kansas Re: Beeswax Tapers??? - 07/16/14 07:32 PM
There is also Mother Theodora at the Convent of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary, in West Virginia.

She makes pure beeswax candles in various standard sizes, accepts orders for custom sizes and standing orders, and gives credit for returned candle stubs.


Posted By: Chtec Re: Beeswax Tapers??? - 07/18/14 10:34 PM
I've been ordering from St. Zosima Church Supply:


When I place an order, it typically arrives within 2 business days. The candles are of exceptional quality.

Fr. David
Posted By: chadrook Re: Beeswax Tapers??? - 07/19/14 07:48 AM
We have been using these for years. The quality is amazing.


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