March For Life Jan22,2015

Posted By: Paul B

March For Life Jan22,2015 - 01/16/15 05:34 PM

Next Thursday marks the 41st year of court sanctioned capital punishment of innocent humans. To date doctors have been paid about 59 MILLION times to violently extinguish the "horrible threat of pregnancy" that so harms a certain class of woman and makes life carefree for uncaring men.

If you are going to Washington please make plans to make it a pilgrimage for life by attending the Vigil for Life at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception on the eve. For the first time in years, there will be a Divine Liturgy in our Byzantine Catholic Chapel at 9:30 AM on Thursday. I'm expecting that many interested RC's will attend and hoping that some of ours attend, especially to help with the singing. Cantor and reader are still needed.

Deacon Paul, Pro-Life Office, Archeparchy of Pittsburgh
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Re: March For Life Jan22,2015 - 01/16/15 07:59 PM

We'll be traveling to DC for the March. We hope to make it to the Vigil Mass for Life at the Basilica. We also plan to be at the Supreme Court at 4 p.m. the day of the March to pray the Akathist with the ByzanTeens & the Sisters from Christ the Bridegroom Monastery. Hope to see you there!
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Re: March For Life Jan22,2015 - 01/19/15 09:13 AM

Please also remember Compline at 11:00 PM in the Crypt Church on Wednesday evening. Bishop Kurt will be the celebrant.
Thank you,
Deacon El
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Re: March For Life Jan22,2015 - 01/19/15 11:54 PM

Don't you think the Akathist will be earlier than 4? The March begins at 1; don't you think the tail end will be at the Supreme Court between 3-3:30?
Posted By: Zita

Re: March For Life Jan22,2015 - 01/20/15 02:33 PM

Deacon Paul,
I believe the Akathist has generally been prayed close to 4 p.m. in the past, but I could be mistaken. Additionally, it really depends on where you are in the enormous crowd as to when you arrive at the steps of the Supreme Court. I thought I heard that the March route may be a bit longer this year, but I've yet to confirm that. The ByzanTeens bus has been canceled due to a low number of participants signing up, but Fr. Richard Plishka will be there with the seminarians. I presume His Grace, Bishop John, will again be there, as well.
Posted By: Paul B

Re: March For Life Jan22,2015 - 01/20/15 04:59 PM

I'm so sorry to hear the ByzanTeens bus was cancelled. I went with them once; it was a very nice trip. You're right, the route is the route they used up until a couple years ago - at 14th Street. I thought they would keep it at the shorter route because it is difficult for the elderly and disabled.

Here's the info http://marchforlife.org/march-for-life-2015/rally-march-info/

My concern about the 4:00 akathist is getting out of DC before the rush hour, which starts about 4, plus it will take about 20 minutes to get back to the basilica.
Posted By: Dr. Henry P.

Re: March For Life Jan22,2015 - 01/22/15 09:13 AM

Fr. Bryan Eyman of St. Athanasius the Great Byzantine Catholic Church, Indianapolis, will be serving the Liturgy
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Re: March For Life Jan22,2015 - 01/22/15 02:40 PM

Deacon Paul,
Glory to Jesus Christ!
How did the 9:30 AM liturgy go at the Basilica Byzantine Chapel?
Who was the celebrant and did you have a good number of faithful?
We had a 10:00 AM Divine Liturgy at Epiphany of Our Lord, Annandale VA.
Good seeing you at the Compline,
Deacon El
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Re: March For Life Jan22,2015 - 01/22/15 08:29 PM

Some photos and an excerpt of the Akathist at the Supreme Court can be found at:

Posted By: Orthodox Catholic

Re: March For Life Jan22,2015 - 01/22/15 10:53 PM

Mr. Admministrator, you gave me a real scare there for a moment . . . I thought I had read you referring to an Akathist TO the Supreme Court . . . wink

Posted By: Zita

Re: March For Life Jan22,2015 - 01/23/15 12:50 PM

Thank you for posting this link. We were a small group praying the Akathist at the conclusion of yesterday's March for Life...but it was beautiful & we had a handful of curious onlookers who inquired about the lovely prayer & were interested in participating smile
Posted By: Paul B

Re: March For Life Jan22,2015 - 01/23/15 04:16 PM

Father Deacon El,
It was good to see you too, for our annual acquaintance and the privilege to attend the annual Compline. Father John mentioned that he saw me twice on EWTN at the Mass for Life. The great advantage of being part of the procession is that one has a reserved seat for this nearly 3 hour event.

Our main celebrant Very Reverend Bryan Eyman was in Virginia the night before and was iced in....fortunately he made it and we started late. The basilica had difficulty finding someone with the keys to the iconostas. After it was finally opened the north deacon door completely closed and re-locked, so we dealt with only two doors. smile
That glitch aside, the attendance wasn't bad for a transient audience. Just before we started we only had about five, but once the singing started we attracted more. After the precautionary and instructive announcement about receiving the Eucharist we had 15-20 communicants (quickly estimated count.) I was pleased and honored to make available the celebration of the Byzantine ritual of the Divine Liturgy. There are many hungry sheep looking for substance and inspiration in their celebration of praise to God and we were able to feed them. I talked in depth to two men who are very interested. They are of the type who contact us on this forum and the facebook Byzantine Catholics page for info.

Father James Ragan of the Pittsburgh Archeparchy rode down with me from Bedford, PA and concelebrated the Divine Liturgy and I am very grateful.

The Basilica was very friendly and helpful; some of the confusion was due to my anxiety and part due to disorganization probably because the chapel is used so seldom. I was pleasantly surprised how well stocked the sacristy was, even including a set of deacon vestments.

I'm inclined to want to make this an annual event, but don't want to exclude or "compete" with other Eastern Churches who may want to use the chapel. When I made initial contact with the Basilica I was told that the Chaldean Catholics inquired about use of the Crypt Church but it was already committed. The bishops would have to work out a rotating arrangement.

It was already a little too late after the March to join the Akathist at the Supreme Court and I apologize to Father Richard for that. I am not a city dweller and have an aversion to fighting beltway and I-270 rush hour traffic.

It was a delight to associate with my former diaconate classmates and current "seminarians" Deacon Joe Wargacki and Steve Casmus and to be in the procession with them. And finally my thanks to Bishop Kurt for his eparchial permission for the Divine Liturgy.
Posted By: Deacon El

Re: March For Life Jan22,2015 - 01/24/15 12:43 PM

Father Deacon Paul,
Thanks so very much for this thoughtful response. It was good to see you, and I wish it could be more frequently.
Yes, the Byzantine Chapel Sacristy is well stocked and normally ready for liturgies. Your schedule seems ideal for an annual celebration, and sure, make sure bishops bless the occasions.
I am glad all worked well for you.
Let us know if you wish to participate in the Compline next year.
Deacon El
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